Hydrogen Peroxide and Cancer: This is what you MUST know

Cancer is the modern day plague and it’s everywhere around us. How to protect ourselves from this deadly disease? Don’t eat it, drink it or go anywhere near it. But how to avoid it? Cancer is in the GMO modified plants, veggies and fruits, it’s in the sunblock lotions we use on the skin, it’s in the cosmetic products we use, the toothpastes we brush our teeth with, in the shampoos and showering gels we use on an everyday basis. It may even be in your medicine cabinet, your fridge and your pantry but cancer has met its match. It has a rival that will defeat it in an instance and won’t let it spread in your body like weed – hydrogen peroxide is cancer’s archenemy and the only thing that can defeat it. If you listen to the mainstream media you’ll think that hydrogen peroxide is dangerous and toxic but they certainly won’t tell you that a few drops of this solution on an everyday basis can eliminate this deadly disease instantly.

We all know that cancer thrives in an acidic environment, in a body where all the organs and the blood circulating through the veins is flooded with artificial foods, processed sugars and salt and animal fat. Every organ in our body struggles to flush out the toxins from the food we eat, loaded with pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, bleach, fluoride, insecticides, heavy metals and god knows what else. You’ll often hear doctors recommending cancer patients not to consume alkalizing foods as they may interfere with the chemo they’re receiving but the only thing alkalizing foods may do is alkalizing the acid in your body that’s killing off the good cells. A great number of cancer patients meet their death as a result of radiation and chemotherapy damage done on their healthy cells as they’re derived from the oxygen they so desperately need to survive and fight off cancer. What’s the end result? Another cancer and potential death!

Sometimes the simplest solution is the most effective one and we often forget this. Every virus, parasite and pathogen is anaerobic and thrive in an oxygen depleted environment but meet their end in an oxygen rich environment. Cancer cells are no different, they cannot survive in an oxygenated environment and depend on glucose to multiply and survive.

So what’s the alternative, regardless of whether you have cancer or not? You need to make your body an alkaline temple and hydrogen peroxide can help you achieve this. Note that this ingredient will not repair your immune system or the damage to your cells from the chemotherapy. But what it can do is create an alkaline environment where your cells and organs can regenerate on their own and thrive. Our bodies are preprogramed for this and both genders have the exact same schedule:

5 days – renewed stomach coating

1 month – renewed skin and hair

45 days – renewed DNA material and liver

49 days – renewed bladder

2 months – renewed brain tissue and cells

4 months – new blood cells

The key is in getting sufficient amounts of hydrogen peroxide in the cancerous cells

Clinical trials have proven that cancer metastasis can be prevented by increasing the amount of oxygen in their surroundings. Which means that the more oxygen in your body the slower your cancer spreads. If you manage to get enough oxygen to the cancer cells they will eventually die off. The hydrogen peroxide will kill off cancer cells because they lack the mechanism to break it down and prevent it from completing its purpose

The most important thing about the hydrogen peroxide treatment is to get sufficient amounts of hydrogen peroxide in the cancer cells. But how to do it? Proteolytic enzymes break apart the protein coating that protects the cancer cells and help your immune system to recognize them as such. This means that you can get the hydrogen peroxide inside the cancer cells after we’ve cut apart the protein coating that covers them.

Science has been aware about this for more than 50 years

More than 50 years ago, Dr. Otto Warburg, who’s won the Nobel Prize, showed the difference between cancer cells and normal cells. Both types of cells drain their energy from glucose, the difference being that normal cells need oxygen to do it while cancer cells do not which results in 1/15 of the energy a normal cell produces from a glucose molecule. That’s why cancer cells crave for sugar so much and that’s why obese people are at a higher risk of cancer.

Hydrogen peroxide and similar therapies with oxygen have been scientifically proven as effective and safe. However, the only hydrogen peroxide safe for internal use is the 35% food grade type. Never buy 3% pharmaceutical grade hydrogen peroxide sold at your local supermarket or drugstore. This type of hydrogen peroxide is loaded with a plethora of stabilizers which aren’t safe for human consumption.

How to use it?

Some people add one cup of the hydrogen peroxide (35% food grade) to their bath and soak in it for about half an hour. You absorb it through the skin, your largest organ by far. Some people add a few drops of it in a cup of water and drink it. Look up your digestive enzymes as well, as experts have warned there’s a link between cancer and low levels of enzymes. As a matter of fact, enzyme therapy has proven to be quite effective against various types of cancer and is used by doctors in Europe and the US.

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