I’m Angry With My Doctor Because He Never Told Me This Leaf Makes You Stop Smoking

Smoking is a very common habit among people of all ages and genders and it’s increasingly gaining popularity. Many people say that they regularly enjoy tobacco and couldn’t spend a day without at least smoking one or two cigarettes as it’s an addiction many struggle to shake off.

Some people enjoy it and don’t think about quitting even though they know it’s health detrimental and can lead to a number of health problems. Others on the other hand, would like to quit but just don’t know how. But if so many people have been able to quit surely you can do it as well if you put your mind on it.

It should be admitted that quitting smoking is not easy, nicotine is highly addictive but you need to be determined and persistent if you truly want to quit and you will achieve it. You’ve probably tried quitting a few times before, which is normal, as many try and fail a few times before they achieve their goal in their last effort. Don’t fall in despair if you’ve had a few unsuccessful tries, give it another shot and try again, it may be the success you’ve been hoping for.

Many people try to focus on the dangers of smoking while they’re trying to quit as it gives them additional motivation. Smoking can cause damage to our lungs, respiratory problems, cardiovascular issues and even lead to cancer. Just one cigarette a day can have a detrimental effect on your skin, nails, hair, stomach and reproductive system. Just focus on all these negative sides of tobacco and smoking while you’re trying to shake off that nasty habit and it should motivate you additionally.

Another thing that many people find helpful is to read about different natural remedies which can help in this process and you should know that there are many. Most of these remedies are completely safe and have no unwanted side-effects so you can use them at all times. They help by reducing your desire for nicotine and also stimulate weight loss, something many people fear they’ll have a problem with when they decide to quit smoking.

In this article we’ll talk about one such remedy which can help you give up this nasty habit – stevia. Stevia is a herb that is native to Paraguay and belongs to the chrysanthemums family. It has been used for centuries as a healthy, natural alternative to sugar and can be found in the form of juice or powder.

Stevia Uses

Stevia can block your brain’s anxiety signals which control your desire to smoke, leading you to not want to smoke at all. Consuming just a few drops of stevia can help you achieve this, drizzle them on your tongue when your tobacco cravings kick in and your desire to smoke will disappear in an instant.

Stevia powder or liquid can be found in any supermarket in the healthy food or baking products aisle. Stevia can also help you shed some pounds, regulate your blood pressure and even diabetics can benefit from its medicinal properties.

You can consume the plant’s leaves as well as long as the plant is adult and the leaves are large. You can eat about 3-4 pieces in the morning and additional 3-4 after lunch. However, it’s best to consume them whenever you feel the urge to smoke and can’t shake it off. You can even eat more than 8 leaves a day if you feel the need for it, there are no side-effects to the plant.

Health benefits of Stevia

  • Prevents bacteria overgrowth
  • Improves digestion
  • Helps with an upset stomach and acid reflux
  • You can use it against dandruff (wash your hair with it)
  • Gives you an energy boost
  • Improves your well-being

The best thing about stevia is that you can grow it at home, it doesn’t need any special conditions whatsoever. Plant one stevia plant in your backyard or balcony and treat it as you treat all your other flowers. Tend to it and let it grow and once it’s mature enough you can start taking advantage of its benefits.

If you’re a smoker who wants to quit try out our stevia recommendation, we guarantee that it will make the whole process easier for you.

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