This Is Incredible – A Juice That Can Destroy Cancer Cells, Level High Blood Pressure and Cure Diabetes!

Raw potatoes are an excellent remedy for a number of diseases and contrary to popular belief you can actually consume raw potatoes and they’re safe as long as you extract their juice.

Raw potato juice can help you in the fight against a number of diseases including hypertension, diabetes and can even lower your risk of cancer. In order to extract the juice from raw potatoes you must first peel them and take out all the sprouts, green skin and dirt, as they can be toxic if consumed.

A number of studies have been conducted on the health benefits of raw potatoes and they all say the same, raw potato juice is super health beneficial. John Lesinger states that raw potato juice is very effective in the treatment of gastritis and he suggests using 1tbsp of the juice with some water before meals for this condition. If you have stomach and duodenal problems consume half a liter of raw potato juice before breakfast and half a liter before every meal.

Doctor Kagamine from the Akita University in Japan did a study on the effectiveness of raw potato juice against cancer and revealed that a certain substance in the juice can prevent tumor growths in mice. His findings were revealed on the International Congress in Germany.

Moreover raw potato juice can be used in the treatment of diabetes, heart issues and hypertension and prevent a number of other health problems. The juice further strengthens your immune system and eliminates chronic fatigue if consumed on a regular basis.

Raw potato juice health benefits

  • Lowers the risk of cancer
  • Strengthens your immune system
  • Improves skin quality and resolves skin problems
  • Helps your body detox
  • Prevents cardiovascular problems
  • Lowers blood sugar levels
  • Prevents kidney and liver problems

The juice is rich in vitamins B6 and C, proteins, iron, potassium and magnesium, many of which are lost in the cooking process so consuming the raw potato juice gives your body all these nutrients. It’s also good for your skin and prevents acne breakouts, blackheads and blemishes. It improves the overall quality of your skin and give it a healthy glow.

How to prepare raw potato juice:

Wash the potatoes to get rid of the dirt, peel then and take out all the sprouts and green parts as they’re toxic. Chop the potato into pieces and wrap it in a cotton cloth. Squeeze it to extract the juice. If you have a juicer you can use it as well.

Drink it as soon as you prepare it and add some honey or lemon to improve its taste. Drink at least 2 cups of fresh potato juice on a daily basis and promote your overall health.

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