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Incredible! Remove The Brown Spots On Your Skin Using This Everyday Ingredient!

Dark skin spots, also known as age spots, are smooth brown-colored spots that form on the skin. They can appear on any body part, however areas that have the most sun exposure, such as the hands, the arms, the face and the shoulders, are the most susceptible.

Although these age spots are more common in people over 50, they can also affect younger individuals, particularly the ones who are exposed to the sun for a prolonged periods of time.

Causes :

Prolonged periods of time of UV exposure is the main reason for the appearance of age spots, as well as constant use of tanning bed. The pigment responsible for the color of the skin is called melanin and it is located in the upper layer of the skin. The UV rays speed up the melanin production, which in turn creates a tan in order to protect the deeper layers of the skin from the UV rays damage.

As we already mentioned, dark spots generally appear on areas with the most frequent sun exposure for a prolonged periods of time. As a result of this sun exposure large quantities of melanin is produced. Clearly, the best preventive measure you can take in order to prevent the occurrence of these brown spots is to protect yourself from the sun.

Also It is important to mention that persons with fair complexion or light-colored skin and also those prone to sunburns are of course more susceptible to dark spots.

Although these dark spots are harmless, the change of their shape size or color can be an indication of melanoma, which is a condition that requres medical attention.  If you notice any changes mentioned below, inform your doctor immediately:

  • If they start to show unusual combinations of colors
  • If they have abnormal borders
  • If they rapidly increase in size
  • If they have an unusual dark pigment
  • If they are accompanied by redness, tenderness, bleeding or itching

Homemade natural remedy for reducing dark spots:

  • The common treatment for dark spots is laser therapy, using bleaching creams, dermabrasion, and chemical peels. In order to avoid the potential side-effects of these procedures, you should try the natural remedy for lightening age spots.
  • This method was invented by the author of Quantum Paleo, Dr. Doug Willen. It is made from onion juice and  apple cider vinegar. The former is very effective in neutralizing the free radicals in the body and the latter contains alpha hydroxy acids that helps eliminate dead skin.

Preparation and usage

Start with the onion, dice it and crush it by using a pestle and a mortar. After that put it in a blender together with the ACV and blend well. Apply onto the affected area using a cotton ball. Also never forget to apply sunscreen.

 Check out the video below for more information!


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