Japanese Method For Healing Your Body In Just 5 Minutes Only By Using Your Fingers!

Japanese alternative medicine is one of the most healing natural medicines in the world, with beneficial treatments for every possible health condition. According to one of their most popular healing techniques every finger on your hands is linked to at least 2 organs, if not more, in your body and can be stimulated for optimal health in those bodily areas. This technique is called Jin Shin Iyutsu and it suggests treating a number of health issues with just applying a certain amount of pressure on your fingers. Everyone can perform this healing method, it’s quite simple and easy and all you have to do is massage the finger linked to the organ in your body you’re having problems with and breathe slowly.

Here’s which finger on your hand is connected to which organ in your body:

  • Your thumbs are linked to your stomach and the spleen and massaging them can help ease stomach pain, resolve skin problems, ease nervousness, depression and anxiety and eliminate headaches.
  • Your index fingers are linked to your kidneys and bladder and massaging them can help with digestion issues, tooth pain, back pain, muscle pain, feelings of fear, confusion and discontent.
  • Your middle fingers are linked to your lungs and large intestines and massaging them can help with respiratory issues, digestion, skin problems and promote your mood.
  • Your ring fingers are connected to the large intestines and lung area and massaging them can be helpful in releasing bad emotions and negative vibes.
  • Your pinkies are linked to the heart and small intestine and massaging them can help with throat pain, aching bones, cardiovascular problems, anxiety and promote self-confidence.

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