Johns Hopkins Researcher Releases Shocking Report On Flu Vaccines

Flu vaccines get FDA approval every year and even though health experts say flu vaccines are recommended for protection against this virus, the ones which were approved in 2015 and onwards are responsible for an array of health issues.

The whole controversy with regards to these flu vaccines has to do with the adjuvant called Squalene, which has been connected to a number of adverse side-effects. This chemical compound was used in the Gulf wars in the chemical attacks and is known to cause neurological problems, muscle pain and fatigue. Health experts are trying to assure us that flu vaccines are safe for use but according to a scientist from John Hopkins Institute, this is not true.

Peter Doshi, who works at the John Hopkins Institute wrote a report about these controversial flu vaccines from 2015 onwards and his report paints a totally different picture. He first stresses out how the public is bombarded with ad campaigns suggesting that flu vaccines are the best protection against the influenza virus and this has led to a massive increase in flu vaccine sales. But this public health policy is definitely one of the most harmful ones in the history of the US, Doshi further adds.

But it turns out that the vaccines might not be as healthy as they want us to believe. This health policy regarding flu vaccinations has been so aggressive that people are threatened they’ll lose their jobs if they don’t get vaccinated. The CDC claims that considering the side-effects of influenza, everything is justified. The healthy user effect which is what they use to describe the tendency to vaccinate heathy people over the ill, is acknowledged by the CDC. Furthermore, the one study we know of on the effects of flu vaccines revealed that there’s no decrease in deaths in the elderly population after vaccination, meaning that vaccines are not nearly as effective as previously thought. According to other studies, vaccinating 33 to 100 people only results in 1 flu case less, which isn’t quite the ideal score for efficiency, don’t you think. No study has shown that flu vaccines lessen the health complications connected to the flu in any way.

There’s not one shred of scientific evidence to show that flu vaccines are safe for the general population, but there are plenty to suggest otherwise. According to one Australian study 1 in 110 kids which received the vaccines for the H1N1 flu back in 2009 suffered from convulsion and additional studies showed that the vaccine can be linked to narcolepsy spikes.

Dr. Russel Blaylock supports Doshi’s claims and also believes that the vaccine isn’t just inefficient, but it’s health detrimental as well. According to government recommendations the vaccine should be taken by the elderly for 3 reasons, hospitalization, secondary pneumonia and death, but one recent study revealed that these vaccines do nothing to protect us and offer a below minimal immunity protection for the senior population.

According to a study released in February the flu vaccine is only 9% effective in protecting the senior population from the influenza virus and offers no protection for children and yet the government insists on parents vaccinating their kids, even the newborns despite the fact that the mercury in flu vaccines has a toxic effect on the baby brain and cause long-term neurological problems.

So why are these vaccines pushed forward so aggressively by the government? Well. in the end it’s all about the money. Big Pharma is behind the aggressive vaccination campaign as vaccines bring along profit and there’s no way to sue them as vaccines are protected, so it’s clear profit for them. But don’t be fooled by Big Pharma, vaccines are completely ineffective and have numerous unwanted side-effects.

Article and image source : http://www.organichealthcorner.com/johns-hopkins-researcher-releases-shocking-report-flu-vaccines/



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