We Should All Know These 7 Things About Our Blood Type!

We all know that there are 4 blood types, A, B, 0 and AB. Blood type A is for Agrarian, O is for Original hunter, B is for Bavarian while the most modern one of the four is AB, the blood type that has the best immune system. However, we should now that there are also more than 400 different subcategories which dictate our health profile and determine a lot about our overall health and lifestyle.

Here are some important things you should know about your blood type:

The food you need to eat according to your blood type:

Blood type AB: As we already mentioned this is the most modern blood type and according to experts they can eat and digest almost anything efficiently. Focus more on organic food, fresh vegies and fruits and steer clear from processed junk food because they can lower your energy levels.

Blood type A: People with this blood type should follow a diet rich in chicken, fish and yogurt. They shouldn’t eat spicy food, legumes and coffee.

Blood type B: If you’re blood type B it’s best to consume fish, veggies, dairy, mutton, drink lots of tea and eat more grains. Stay away from preservatives, alcohol and avoid noisy places.

Blood type O: You should eat more fish, meat, veggies and fast from time to time. You shouldn’t consume so much dairy and processed foods, and mind the over-eating.

What does your blood type say about your personality?

Blood type A: organized, efficient, compassionate, great leaders

Blood type B: outgoing, flexible, meditative, action-oriented

Blood type O: great empaths, practical, attentive, assertive

Blood type AB: relaxed and calm, rational, forward-thinkers, strong

Does your blood type have something to do with stress?

Blood type A: You’re prone to high levels of cortisol and you need lots of time to recover from a stressful situation. In such a situation, you should drink plenty of water .

Blood type B: You’re calm in nature but you can easily get tipped off balance. When you do just start breathing deeply!

Blood type O: You can easily burst in anger, as a result of your primordial ancestry. But just picture something calm and relaxing in your mind and you’ll get relaxed.

Blood type AB: You’re good in stressful situations but when things get really bad you can get frustrated. Calm down by walking or doing some moderate physical activity.

Does your blood type have something to do with fat?

Blood type A: Meats and sugars will cause fat accumulation.

Blood type B: Bread and fried foods make you fat.

Blood type O: Irregularl meals can make you gain fat.

Blood type AB: Physical inactivity leads to fat accumulation.

Blood types and transfusions:

Compatible blood types

  • AB can receive from all blood types but can donate just to blood type AB.
  • Blood type B can donate to AB and B and receive from 0 and B.
  • Blood type A can donate to AB and A while receive from O and A.
  • Blood type O is the universal donor, so it can donate to all types but it can only receive from O.
  • People who are AB RH D positive are commonly known as universal recipients, while people who are O RH D negative are commonly known as universal donors.

Plasma compatibility

  • Blood type AB can receive plasma only from blood type AB, while it’s a universal plasma donor for all types.
  • Blood type A can donate plasma to blood types A and O and it can only receive plasma from A and AB.
  • Blood type B can only donate plasma to blood types B and O but receive from AB and B.
  • Blood type O can donate plasma only to O but it’s a universal plasma receiver.


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