Lacking in Energy All the Time? Here are Some Surprising Reasons Why

Do you feel tired all the time? Do you lack energy to do your day-to-day chores? If the answer is yes, you should know that you’re not the only one in your troubles, experts estimate that every one in five people complains of a lack of energy on an everyday basis.

Why is this such a common problem? Well it can be a result of a combination of factors but usually it’s the bad lifestyle that leaves us feeling exhausted every day. Altering your lifestyle and introducing some healthy habits while forgoing your bad ones can lead to improvements and an energy boost but only if there’s no underlying medical reason for your energy issues. Unfortunately, a mere 50% of these medical factors get diagnosed because people rarely go to the doctor for feeling tired. If you’re among those who experience low energy levels as well here are some of the possible reasons and advices on how to improve the condition.

Bad Lifestyle Choices

Too much caffeine
Coffee is supposed to give you an instant energy boost and it does but until the instant buzz wears off and you end up feeling even more exhausted than before. You reach for another cup and the cycle continues. And it’s not just coffee, caffeine can be found in tea and many other soft drinks we consume every day. Let go of this nasty habit, start drinking only a cup of two a day and you should feel improvements.

Too much carbs
Excessive amounts of carbs will lead to weight gain and will also rob you of your energy. How come? Well, they’re rich in sugars that enter your bloodstream in an instant but after a while they lead to a sudden drop in glucose levels, leaving you feeling exhausted. Cut back on the carbs and the situation should improve.

Insufficient protein
According to nutritionists, protein is slowly digested in your body which means that it releases steady amounts of energy that last for longer. If your diet is stripped of protein or you’re just not consuming it in sufficient amounts it may be the reason why you feel tired and low on energy. Start eating more proteins!

Insufficient sleep
This is the most obvious reason behind your fatigue, if you don’t get a good night sleep you’ll probably feel sluggish throughout the day. Make sure you get enough sleep during the night and you’ll wake up rested and ready for the new challenges of the day.
Unexpected Medical Causes

Type 2 diabetes
Type 2 diabetes means that your body doesn’t respond well to insulin, which is a hormone that leads the sugar you ingest from your blood to your cells where it’s later converted into energy for your every day chores. In other words, the sugar stays in your bloodstream in high levels and your cells don’t receive it to convert it into energy, leaving you feeling tired and sluggish.

If you’re depressed you’ll not only feel down emotionally but according to doctors you’ll feel tired and exhausted as well, lacking energy to get out of bed. If you’re feeling sad and lack the energy to do the basic stuff you do every day you should consult a specialist.

Digestive problems
Digestive system problems can lead to low energy levels. Food allergies, IBS, or some gut problem can be obstructing your nutrient absorption and be the cause of your exhaustion.

In addition to feeling exhausted do you feel dizzy and irritated, do you have pale skin and experience heart palpitations? If you recognize all these symptoms you might be anemic. It means that there’s something obstructing the oxygen supply and you need to see a doctor and check it out to be sure.

Thyroid problem
The first thing doctors check if their patients complain of low energy levels is the thyroid function. That’s because hypothyroidism, an underactive thyroid gland function, is usually associated with low energy levels, dry skin, weight gain and constipation.

Sleep disorders
As it was said earlier, sleep deprivation usually leads to feeling tired the next day. We often stay up late watching TV or partying with friends, and it’s normal that we feel tired the following day. However, sometimes irregular sleeping patterns can be associated with some sleep disorder which needs to be resolved.

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