Learn How Your Face Can Reveal What Part of Your Body Is Sick, and What to Do About It

According to ancient Chinese medicine you can diagnose a disease by reading the signals on the face with an ability to detect the smallest health problems. It was believed by the ancient Chinese healers that every skin issue has some connection with a health problem internally as every organ in your body is interconnected. This gave birth to a method known as face mapping, a powerful tool for early detection of health problems and diseases.

For example, you can tell by the position of the acne on your face which internal organ you’re having problems with.

If you have:

Acne on your cheeks, you might be suffering from:

  • Poor circulation

Acne on the T-zone, is connected to

  • Bacterial buildup
  • Too much coffee
  • Excessive stress
  • Too much alcohol
  • Smoking

Acne on the neckline, chin or jaw reveals

  • Hormonal problems
  • Candida infection
  • Too much starch or processed sugars in your diet

But there is also a more specific method for disease detection by mapping the location of your organ and its connection to acne on different areas on your face. For example:

The forehead is connected to the bladder and the small intestine

Acne on your forehead means that your diet is mostly consisted of processed and fatty food and your diet lack the necessary amount of fiber. You might be overstressed or drinking too much, which could lead to dehydration, toxic buildup and poor digestion. Limit the intake of processed foods, sugars and alcohol and star consuming more water on a daily basis.

The area between your eyebrows is connected to your liver

Too much meat in your diet can put excess pressure on your stomach and lead to slow digestion. This in turn will result in an acne breakout between the eyebrows and similar skin issues in that area of your face. Try adding more fruits and veggies and lower your meat consumption.

Eyebrows and eye area is connected to your kidneys

This is probably a result of malnutrition or severe dehydration, smoking, too much alcohol and poor circulation. You should increase your water consumption and limit the intake of caffeine and alcohol

Cheeks are connected to the lungs

If you have acne on the cheeks, especially the upper part, you’re probably living in a polluted area and have respiratory problems. Don’t smoke and limit your time spent outside when it’s too polluted.

Mouth and chin area are connected to the stomach

Acne around the mouth and the chick means that you’re eating too much sugars and fatty food and probably drink alcohol on a regular basis. Add more fermented food to you diet and avoid unhealthy foods.

Acne on the nose are connected to the heart

Your nose is linked to your heart so if you have acne on the nose you’re probably consuming excessive amounts of salt. Lower your salt intake, start exercising and eat healthy.

Jaw and neck are connected to hormones

If you have acne in this area you probably suffer from a hormonal imbalance. To regulate the condition, you should eat heathier, reduce the salt and coffee intake and you should notice an improvement.


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