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Mix A Little Salt and Olive Oil and You Will Not Feel Pain for the Next 5 Years

Every time we start feeling a bit unwell, something aches us or we face some health problems we turn to conventional medicine and reach out for the painkillers. This is not the right thing to do because prescription medicines might be the quickest solution to your problem but they usually damage your health on the long run. Natural remedies are the best way to go, they are just as effective but don’t have any unwanted side-effects. Every pain or ache you feel can be resolved completely naturally; you just need to know how. For example, people suffering from osteochondrosis, a frustrating pain in the neck, can try and relieve their condition with the remedy we share in this post.

This natural remedy is simple to make but it’s extremely effective. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 10tbs. high quality salt
  • 20tbsp. olive oil (or unrefined sunflower oil)

Method of preparation:

Add both the ingredients in a glass container and mix until they’re combined. Put the lid on and set it aside for 2 days. After two days you can start using the remedy.
When the remedy is ready to use you just need to take a little bit of it and massage the painful area. Start with 2-3 minutes of massage and gradually increase the time. Experts say that you should work your way up to 20 minutes of massage time. When you’re done with massaging the area wipe the residues with a wet towel and sprinkle some baby powder in the end to avoid irritation if your skin is sensitive.

Repeat the process in for ten days and you’ll start feeling the benefits of the remedy. You’ll notice your circulation improving and the muscles and cartilage tissues being regenerated. You’ll also get rid of any headaches that may occur as a result of your condition because this remedy also stimulates blood flow and improves your vision. You’ll detox your organism and feel better overall.
Don’t worry if you feel a bit dizzy after the massage because it’s completely normal. Anyone suffering from the painful osteochondrosis or experiences headaches often should try this remedy as it’s highly effective and beneficial.

Article and image source: healthandlovepage.com


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