Neuroscientists Have Issued A Warning – Here’s How Much You Should Sleep If You’re A Woman!

We all know that sleep is crucial for our overall health. While we sleep the body rests, our systems recuperate and repair themselves and all our functions are restarted. SO it goes without saying that in order to have optimal health we need to get a sufficient amount of sleep. But how much sleep is enough? Is there a universal recommendation for people of all ages and genders?

Every health expert recommends a minimum of 8 hours per night for adults bit recent studies suggest that this amount is not sufficient for the female gender. Since women have a higher brain activity they require more sleeping time compared to men so the beauty sleep all women refer to seems to be more than just a myth. It’s something women need in reality. Sufficient amount of quality sleep will regenerate their body and improve their skin quality as well.

So there you have it women, you need to sleep more than 8 hours per night to improve your general health and you appearance as well!


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