Never Eat This Fish, It Is Extremely Dangerous For Your Health!

The Pangasius Fillets also known as The Basa fish is a species of catfish that can be found all around Europe. It can be bought very cheaply in the as frozen fillets The low price is probably why this fish is so popular in Europe. Be that as it may, this fish that comes from the waters of Vietnam has a very low meat quality and can put your health at risk!

This fish is cultivated in Vietnam in the waters of the Mekong River. Unfortunately, this is considered to be one of the most polluted rivers worlwide. It is kept in sewage (waste) pools full of bacteria and water with high levels of toxins.

Naturally these toxins and bacteria end up in the meat of the fish. Moreover, the meat has been confirmed to contain hexachlorobenzene, chlorate, heavy metals, isomers, and many other harmful substances. Because of the contaminated meat full of high levels of harmful substances as well as to the impression that it is injected with antibiotics the USA has banned the import of this fish.

The Basa fish is fed with debrisl and is extremely dangerous for a persons health. In natural circumstances, the fish grows four times faster, however the Basa fish sold on the markets is injected with hormones and antibiotics with the purpose of making the fish bigger. The meat was tested and confirmed to contain reproduction and growth accelerating hormones.

This fish is sold by big enterprises that have absolutely no regard for the health of the people who buy it. In order to attract supermarkets and customers, who are not aware of the poor quality of the fish It is sold at a very low price.

The fish has an unbelievable nutritional deficiency. it doesn’t contain any essential nutrients found in other fish bred in nature. Especially the most important omega-3 oils. The taste may be decent, but it is not worth the risk of your health. Do not eat this fish!


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