Never Lie To A Smart Woman

Women and men are two entirely different species, it’s like they truly are from two different planets. Women are highly intuitive, something no man will ever understand. They can simply sense when their men lie or plan to do something stupid so the best advice for men is just never lie to your woman, she’ll know it right away.

Here’s a story about one man who tried to make a fool of his wife but came out being a fool instead.

One ordinary day a man called his wife from work and asked her if she can pack him a suitcase for a weeklong trip to China. His was up for a promotion and his boss had asked him to accompany him on a fishing trip, an opportunity he shouldn’t miss. He asked the wife to pack him some clothes and his fishing gear and that new pair of silk pajamas.

The conversation ended abruptly and the woman just knew there was something off about the whole thing but she wasn’t sure so she decided to go along and did everything as the husband instructed. The suitcase was packed, the husband came to pick it up and went off on his fishing trip.

The week ended and the husband returned home, tired but excited about a successful journey. He was sure that the fishing trip was going to land him the promotion he needed. The wife was happy too and wanted to know all about the trip. Her husband explained everything in detail, what fish they caught, where they stayed, what was the weather like and so on, praising everything. He was just surprised to see that the wife hadn’t packed the pajamas he asked her to, and wanted to know why?

The woman replied she did packed his pajamas, they were in the fishing box all along!

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