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Have you ever heard of the chayote? It’s an amazing plant that many people use commonly in the kitchen for the preparation of various meals and dishes.

The chayote is not a very delicious plant which is why many people avoid it and don’t consume it at all. What they don’t know is that this plant has tremendous health benefits and can help in the prevention and treatment of a number of diseases.

We all know that Nature has a lot to offer when it comes to our health, all we need to do is take advantage of all the fruits, veggies and herbs it has given us. The chayote is no exception, it’s a super beneficial plant that can help with everything from weight loss to diabetes. If you want to know how to use chayote to promote your overall health you’ve come to the right place, this article will tell you all you want to know about this peculiar plant.

Health benefits of chayote

The chayote is a veggie that’s commonly used around the kitchen but it also has amazing health benefits. It can help in cellular regeneration thanks to the abundance of antioxidants, boost weight loss and help you in the treatment of diabetes. Below you’ll find a few amazing chayote recipes which can be used against diabetes.

Chayote + pineapple juice

A juice made from pineapple and chayote is very effective in regulating your blood sugar levels which makes it an excellent remedy against diabetes. Fill a pot with water and add the chayote. Bring it to a boil and let it simmer until the chayote is cooked. Let it cool down and add it to a blender along with some pineapple slices. Pulse until smooth and store the juice in the fridge. Drink it cold, half a glass every morning on an empty stomach.

You can also extract the chayote pulp, mix it with a cup of coffee and drink it every day before breakfast.

Chayote juice + prickly pears + lemon

Extract the pulp from 3 chayote pieces and mix it with 2 prickly pears (peeled) and the juice of one lemon. Toss everything in a blender and pulse until smooth. Store the remedy in a mason jar and keep it in the fridge. Take a spoonful of this remedy every morning for a month.

Chayote is also very beneficial for your skin thanks to the abundance of collagen and amino acids it contains. It’s excellent for skin regeneration. Here’s how you can prepare a rejuvenating skin mask with this amazing plant.

Chayote skin mask

Cut a chayote into half and tub the halves against themselves to make a paste. Mix the chayote paste with some olive oil until you get a homogenous mixture and apply this mixture on your face. Leave it on during the night and rinse it off in the morning.

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