No More Dental Implants, Grow Teeth by Yourself in Only 9 Weeks

Dr. Jeremy Mao, who is the team leader from Columbia University came across one revolutionary discovery in dental care. He discovered a way to construct a specific ’scaffold’’ out of stem cells which would allow for new teeth to grow out of scratch. According to Dr. Mao, his scientific breakthrough may end dental practice as we know it.

The Method

As Dr. Mao explains, the process of rapid regeneration starts once the stem cells along with the tooth start merging with the surrounding tissue of the tooth you want to grow. The stem cells then replace the missing tooth and grow in its place,

For some people it may be easier to just go t the dentists’ and replace the tooth but dr. Mao’s solution offers a natural way of re-growing teeth as he uses the patient’s stem cells in the process. The method he’s devised can even be used for broken bones and genetic disorders, providing a whole new scientific approach to conditions and disorders we’ve been struggling for centuries.

The crucial thing about this regeneration process is for the dentist to evaluate the patients’ needs and determine if this procedure is suitable because the method needs 9 weeks to start working.

In a standard tooth replacement procedure, you may need up to a year to completely recover, but this method is faster and completely natural and it doesn’t involve inserting foreign materials. You know that the body can sometimes respond negatively to foreign bodies and not accept them entirely, which is why this method is perfect, you just need to find the suitable patient who’s willing to test this method out.

Dr. Mao’s research hasn’t been published yet as it’s still in the testing phases but if it really proves to be effective as the initial results show it will change the way we see dentistry entirely.

It may seem that this discovery is too good to be true but so have many other revolutionary discoveries been regarded until they’ve become generally accepted. Can you image how much improvements would this bring in dental medicine? We can just hope that Dr. Mao completes his research sooner and have this technology available to the public as soon as possible.


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