No More Varicose Veins, No Joint pain, No Memory Loss, Or Headaches Thanks to This Plant, Know It

Did you know that you can resolve almost any health problem with natural remedies? It’s nothing new but many people are unaware of the health benefits of some plants, herbs and spices and don’t know how to use them to soothe their aches and pains. We’ve written about a number of natural remedies over the years but she one we’re about to share in this article is one of my favorite ones.

Today’s recipe is all about bay leaves and their amazing medicinal properties. We all use bay leaves in cooking but not many people know that it has great health benefits as well. Bay leaves are known to:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Cleanse the colon
  • Stimulate sweating and toxin elimination
  • Eliminate varicose veins
  • Soothe joint pain
  • Boost the immune system

Boost the immune system

Here’s how you can use bay leaves to prepare extra potent medicinal oil:
You’ll need 250ml olive oil and 30gr. bay leaves. Crush the bay leaves and soak them in the olive oil. Transfer the mixture in a glass bottle and store it somewhere dark for 2 weeks. Don’t move it you can just shake it occasionally. 2 weeks later strain the oil and pour it in another container. The remedy is now ready for use you just need to make sure it’s stored somewhere cool between uses. Just rub the remedy on the affected areas and let it do its magic.

Aside from using this remedy for varicose veins and joint pain it can also be beneficial against:

  • Chronic, unbearable headaches -try rubbing the remedy directly on your temples, it should provide instant relied
  • Use it instead of aspirin
  • Stomachaches
  • Impaired renal and hepatic function
  • Skin problems, pores and acne


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