Oncologist Urges: Eat 2-Day meal Plan, ‘It Starves Cancer, Reverses Diabetes, And Makes You Lose Weight Fast’

A plant based diet is something every doctor and nutritionist recommends for optimal health. Taking a break from meat and dairy and including more veggies and fruits is not such a bad idea as many people would assume and it can even be super health beneficial.

A vegan or vegetarian diet is based mainly on plants and now it’s been scientifically proven that this type of diet is the healthiest option for everyone. The American Institute for Cancer Research says that the best way to protect ourselves from serious diseases like cancer is to eliminate red meat and processed food from our diet.

Cornell University conducted a study which revealed that antioxidant supplements alone are not sufficient for optimal health but we need to ingest them through food if we want to protect our health. And the best source of antioxidants are plants. Statistical data shows that 1/3 of all cancer-related deaths in the US could’ve been prevented with an increased consumption of fruits and veggies.

According to the research conducted by Loma Linda University vegetarian diets show much more health-protective effects than non-vegetarian ones. The research involved more than 70 000 subjects and the conclusions were that vegans and vegetarians have a much lower risk to develop cancer compared to regular eaters.

A plant-based diet is good for weigh loss as well

When it comes to losing weight there are a million diets you can chose from but few of them are really effective. Nearly 85% of all the people who lose weight while dieting get all the lost weight back in less than a year, some even gain a few pounds extra. That’s why you need to choose which diet to start carefully if you want it to be effective. A plant based diet is the perfect choice for steady, effective and permanent weight loss.

A mere 10% of the American adult population are vegans or vegetarians while more than 60% are overweight or obese as a result of the unhealthy diet and lifestyle. It’s a proven fact that vegetarians are slimmer and not as prone to the most common health problems like high cholesterol and heart problems. Aside from helping you lose weight a vegetarian diet will have a number of health benefits. You’ll have a lowered risk of developing arthritis, dementia and diabetes, regulate your cholesterol levels and blood pressure as well. If you decide to follow a vegetarian eating regimen, you’ll need to eliminate the high calorie meals you’re used to with fruits and vegetables that abound in fiber and other useful nutrients that will keep you satiated for longer. Moreover, a plant based diet can be super delicious only if you put in a bit of effort and time into it.

The importance of exercise

You can spend every day in the gym and sweat it out like crazy but if your diet is consisted of unhealthy food you won’t have any results. According to studies and research when it comes to losing weight it’s much more important to eat healthy and eliminate the high-calorie foods than spending time at the gym. Still, health experts and nutritionists recommend a balanced combination of veggies, fruits and moderate physical activity on a daily basis is the key to success.

Why going vegetarian is good for you?

A recent study shows that vegetarians and people on a plant-based diet lose weight much faster than regular eaters. You might say why are then vegetarians who are obese? Well this is rare but when it does happen it’s because of their poor choice of food, meat may be off the table for them but snacking on chips and drinking sodas is undoing all the good that plants are doing for them. If you want to start a healthy plant-based diet regimen you need to include protein, vitamin B12 and calcium. A good source of calcium is soy milk, orange juice, beans, broccoli and collard greens, tofu and lentils are rich in protein while milk abounds in vitamin B12.

Below you can find a perfectly balanced 2-day plant based diet regimen that will help you lose weight and promote your overall health:

Day No.1
Breakfast: Blend the perfect breakfast smoothie by mixing almond butter and bananas
Post breakfast snack: you can prepare a bowl of cherry tomatoes, avocado and cucumber salad, lentil soup and some baked potatoes
Lunch: For lunch we’ve planned one veggie burger and a kale salad sprinkled with pumpkin seeds
Energy boosting snack: one vegan protein shake and a quinoa and banana wrap with edamame cheese and sweet ginger dressing
Dinner: a bowl of vegetable chili
Before going to bed drink a vegan protein shake and 1tbsp. of almond butter

Day No.2
Breakfast: one protein shake and a bowl of steel-cut oats
Post-breakfast snack: 1 cucumber and a handful of grapes and strawberries
Lunch: one protein shake, salad of mixed greens and a combination of beans, sprouts and artichokes
Energy boosting snack: almond butter and some celery sticks
Dinner: one bowl of mixed greens salad and a veggie burrito with beans, quinoa and avocado
Before you go to bed eat a handful of mixed nuts and one vegan protein shake

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