One Man Had His Brain Changed By Consuming Coconut Oil Twice A Day For 2 Months!

One of the worst life-changing brain diseases in the world is Alzheimer’s disease. How can it be prevented and how can a person’s memory be rejuvenated again? This Is the story of the pediatrician Mary T. Newport who coped with her husband’s Alzheimer’s in the 50s. 5 years prior to the MRI with the symptoms of the Alzheimer’s disease, Steve, her husband, had dementia. It was a really bad period for him and his overall health.

He was  defocused and confused most of the time and couldn’t even do daily tasks. He was unable to take food out of the fridge or handle cutlery like forks and spoons. He would forget a lot of things like sending messages to friends and his family which he would only  remember several days later…

Many parts of his brain, the parietal lobe, the frontal lobe, the hippocampus and the amygdala too, were atrophied and very damaged. His capacity for shortterm memory was gone, and he would only be able to store new information in his brain after several days had passed. After some time, his wife decided to pay more attention to his diet.

He was prescribed therapy medication by his doctors, but they did not help with his condition. He was battling depression and was physically too slim, too skinny. He started having tremors and his motor functions got very restricted as well. His wife searched for other options for his medication.

In her search she discovered the drug Ketasyn AC 1202. This drug was said to help prevent the progression of the Alzheimer’s disease, after just 3 months of taking it. She examined the ingredients in this medicine and found that it was mostly consisted of triglyceride oil, which is basically coconut oil, and so she went to a health store and bought some.

She gave her husband 2 spoons of coconut oil twice a day, everyday. After 2 months the tremors subsided and after a whole year he started recognizing faces and even started speaking with the members of his family. He started going outside and walked freely on the streets. He could also read again and he improved each passing day.

She swore that the coconut oil was what caused his improvement.


In order to function properly, the human brain needs food. Moreover, 60% of the glucose from food consumption is for the brain.

However, due to hypo-metabolism the brain doesn’t get the needed glucose amount. Because of their nourishing properties, a good nutrition substitute are the byproducts or ketones from fat breakdown. These are beneficial to the nerves and neurons after any kind of damage to the brain.

Ketones can salvage the neurons that cab not absorb the glucose because of  insulin resistance.

Ketones are absorbed after some starvation time, and also when MCT’s together with the liver get exposed to oxygen and more ketones are produced. 97% of the fats we consume are long chain triglyceride type and have all the 18 carbons. A medium chain is consisted of 6 to 12 carbons.

Furthermore the coconut oil can be used in the treatment for Parkinson’s disease, as well as for drug related problems such as diabetes and epilepsy, and it can even be used for treating multiple sclerosis.


A study in the sphere of the Neurobiology of Aging, conducted in 2004, stated that the coconut oil helps improve the memory and cognition functions of the brain. 20 people were involved in the study in which they were given coconut oil and placebos. After one and a half hours, those who were given coconut oil had more beta-hydroxybutyrate beta OHB, which is the most powerful ketone.

They all fasted and were ‘starved’ before conducting the experiment and taking the blood tests. After an hour and a half of the coconut oil method (40ml used as an average dose) the cognition test was taken again.

Dr. Mercola noted that Dr. David Perlmutter, a good neurologist, claimed that avoiding fats and ingesting large amounts of carbs is the reason for the Alzheimer’s disease.

They both agreed that combining fasting with consumption of coconut oil is a good method to increase the glycogen in the liver. With this method the extra fat suplies are removed and the process to the ketosis happens easily. This method represents healthier brain and  simple, healthy and easy weight loss. However, it also poses a threat too. If the ketones levels become very high, the blood acidity will also rise and the high levels of ketoacidosis can be fatal.

Therefore cut the gluten and sugars intake and have a healthy gut flora.


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