Few People Know That Conditioner Can Solve These 19 Problems

We commonly use hair conditioners on an everyday basis, to regenerate our hair and make it silkier and sifter. However, what we don’t know is that conditioners can be used for a number of other things not just improving our hair quality.

Below you will find a list of 19 surprising uses for conditioners that’ll make you use them for so much more:

Shoe shine
The salt and snow can make nasty, white lines on your shoes in winter time which are difficult to clean. You can make them shiny and new again just by rubbing some hair conditioner on them.

Shrunk clothes
How many times have you washed your sweaters only to take it out of the washer 2 sizes smaller? Well, this will no longer be an issue because you can just soak the shrunk piece of clothing in a bucket of water mixed with 1tbsp. of conditioner and leave it in for a bit. Stretch it out afterwards and you’ll be surprised from the results.

Hand wash
We all have some piece of clothing that can only be washed by hand. Add some hair conditioner, rinse them off and leave them out to dry. This will make them soft and gentle to the touch.

Stuck ring
Stuck ring on the finger? No problem, just rub some conditioner on the finger and the ring and twist it around, it will slide down instantly.

Make up remover
Hair conditioner can be used to remove your make up when you run out of your make up remover.

Clean your make up brushes
Hair conditioners are the best thing you can use to wash your make up brushes.

Squeaky hinges on the door? Forget about grease, hair conditioners can lubricate them perfectly without ruining their look.

Take care of your cuticles

If you have a bit overgrown cuticles you can apply some conditioner to soften them and then push them back.

Shaving gel
You can even use hair conditioner to shave your legs whenever you run out of shaving gel.

Hair static
Fuzzy hair? No problem, apply some hair conditioner to get your hairs back in place and prevent it from getting fuzzy again if it’s humid outside.

Tangled hair
If your hair is tangled and you simply can’t comb it out don’t worry, mix a bit of conditioner with some water and apply it on your hair, combing it through all the way.

Clogged drains
If your drains are clogged and you’ve got nothing to unclog them with, your good old hair conditioner can do the trick. Pour some down the drain and rinse with water, problem solved.

Amazingly smelly laundry

If you add a drop of conditioner in your dryer your clothes will simply smell amazing.

Rust protection

You can even protect your tools from rust with hair conditioner, just rub some on them and polish them, they’ll shine like new.

Skin care
Add some hair conditioner to your warm bath and soak in it. Your skin will become soft and silky like never before.

Polish metal

If your tools look like they could use a good polish, you can use hair conditioner to make them look like new again. Polish them nicely and wipe with a clean cloth afterwards.
Remove band aid painlessly

Sticky band aid that just won’t come off? No worries, apply some conditioner around the sticky edges and they’ll soon loosen up.

Stuck zipper
Your zipper just got stuck and won’t go either up nor down? Apply a drop of hair conditioner on it and rub it nicely, it’s start working instantly.

Article and image source : http://www.organichealthcorner.com/people-know-conditioner-can-solve-19-problems/


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