Prescription Painkiller Tramadol ‘Claiming More Lives Than Any Other Drug’

Thousands of people take prescription painkiller tramadol, it’s a very commonly used drug. However, statistical data shows that this painkiller takes more lives every year than any other drug, cocaine and heroin included. This information was shared by Northern Ireland’s top pathologist, warning about the dangers this painkiller brings along.

It’s not dangerous if you take it correctly, as prescribed, but what people usually do is mix it with other drugs and alcohol, leading to fatal consequences.

Just last year, the pathologist reveals, in Northern Ireland there were 33 deaths connected to tramadol, including a teenager of 16 and an elderly person in his 70ties.

The pathologist says that people get confused because the drug is on prescription and fail to realize the damages it can cause. They just assume it’s safe and use it without thinking twice about it, Jack Crane the state pathologist for Norther Ireland believes.

This potentially lethal opiate based drug shouldn’t be available unless prescribed by a doctor. Back in 2014 tramadol was reclassified into a class C drug, illegal without prescription. However, this hasn’t stopped people from acquiring it on the black market, making matters even worse. If the situation isn’t put under control soon, and the black market shaken down, more and more people will die as a result of misuse of tramadol, professor Jack Crane warns.

He also urges the authorities to upgrade tramadol once more, to a Class A drug. He will meet up with the Chief Medical Officer of Ireland next month to discuss the possibilities of making this change as soon as possible.


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