You Probably Didn’t Know This: You Should Never Eat Cucumbers and Tomatoes in the Same Salad

We all know that salads are one of the healthiest meals in the world, be it a fruit salad or a veggie one, we should all eat them every day. However, a salad is not simply a mixture of ingredients and you shouldn’t toss in anything you like. The ingredients for your salad should be chosen wisely, for example tomatoes shouldn’t be combined with cucumbers because they don’t have the same digestion time and will cause digestive issues. Ayurveda recommends that for best combination of salad ingredients you should first know the digestion time of every ingredient and mix them accordingly.

If your salad contains vegetables that need more time to digest and ones that need less time to digest it will certainly cause some digestive issues because the veggies that digest faster will pass through your intestines while the other ones are still being digested. This will lead to food fermentation and can poison your system, causing all kinds of problems. This will also interrupt the sugar and starches fermentation and you won’t fully enjoy your meal.

Eventually, it will cause you to feel bloated, swell, pass gases and experience stomach pain.
Aside from never mixing tomatoes and cucumbers in the same dish, there are also some other combinations that can lead to digestive problems. Here’s what you shouldn’t combine:

  • Mac and cheese (and/or macaroni and meat)– this is a very popular combo but it should be avoided because pasta is a starchy food and has a different digestion period than the protein packed meat or cheese so the difference leads to fermentation, bloating and gases.
  • Fruits after eating– fruits are very health beneficial but should not be consumed after a meal. They need plenty of time to fully be digested and if you eat them on a full stomach it can lead to acid reflux and numerous other digestive problems.
  • Bread/noodles and orange juice– the juice requires high amount of acids to digest and it may destroy the enzymes that are needed for starch digestion.
  • Meat and cheese– these two foods are both rich in protein so they shouldn’t be combined. Always choose just one source of protein in a single dish.
  • Cheese with vegetables– these two foods should also not be combined because when mixed together they can cause bloating
  • Bananas with milk– although delicious and loved by many, bananas and milk can slow down the digestion process
  • Melon and watermelon- if you eat melons or watermelons always eat them on their own, don’t mix them with other fruits.
  • Fruits with yogurt– fruits and yogurt are one of the favorite breakfast combinations for many, but you should know that these two shouldn’t be combined. When combined they slow down your digestion and can damage the intestinal flora.

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