All Your Problems Will Vanish in 10 Minutes! All You Have To Do Is Burn These Leaves In The Center Of The House!

Let me start by asking you something – Have you heard of bay leaves and do you know what they are? Did you know that they were considered sacred by the ancient Romans and Greeks? Did you know that many people used them for centuries as natural remedy?

And also did you know that every Olympiad winner wore laurel on his head for his victory? This highlights the importance of this plant through history and of course there is a really good reason for this.

Although nowadays this herb Is mostly used as spice, in the past the laurel and the berries of it were often used for healing and curing diseases. The most potent active agents in this plant are pinene and cineol. It also contains soothing essential oils, and many experts claim the laurel has psychoactive impact which can be achieved by chewing the bay leaves.

Many of these properties and benefits are mentioned in many myths and legends. The story of the Greek Delphi or stories about how people could see the future when they chewed bay leaves. In addition, while bay leaves burn, the essential oils soothe your body and mind.

Bay leaves as a natural remedy for treating anxiety and stress

  • Put one bay leaf in ashtray and burn it. In 10 minutes it will aromatize the whole room and soothe the tense energy.
    The bay leaf also helps relieve chronic pain (colic) and flatulence, and soothes belly ulcers too. It can be used in the treatment of arthritis, as a cure for the fly and for easing the pain in muscles.

In conclusion…

  • This leaf is antiseptic, antioxidant and diuretic. It helps treating rheumatoid issues, and is a sedative for the mind. The leaves and berries of this plant can cure neurasthenia, hysteria and stomach flu. As a result of these beneficial properties this herb is known worldwide.


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