After Reading This You Will Always Freeze Your Lemons

If you want to reap all the benefits of lemons you shouldn’t waste any of it and use it whole. A number of nutritionists and professional chefs have realized this and don’t let any piece of the lemon to go to waste. How to use it in its entirety? Well, first wash the lemons thoroughly, wrap them in some foil to preserve the flavors and freeze them. Once they’re frozen you can grate them with the peel and add the grated lemon to any dish you prefer, your salad, your pasta, your smoothie, your oatmeal just let your imagination wonder. You’ll be adding to the meal’s nutritional profile and plus you’ll makes it taste fresh and amazing.

When we eat lemons we make the horrible mistake of throwing away its peel but the truth is that lemon peels contain 10 times more vitamins than lemon juice and we should be consuming them more often. It will promote your overall health and it can have amazing anti-cancer effects as well. Many people praise the effect of frozen lemon peels in cancer treatments and many have said that consuming frozen lemons is even more beneficial than chemo, plus it doesn’t have any unwanted side-effects.

Aside from grating the frozen lemon peels we can use the juice and pulp and add it to ice creams and cakes. Frozen lemons in its entirety have an amazing effect on cysts, fungal and bacterial infections, cancer, internal parasites and worms and so on. They also have an antidepressant property, fight the feeling of anxiety and regulate your blood pressute.

One of lemon’s biggest advantages is that it’s an excellent alkalizing agent and will neutralize your pH levels, especially if your body is too acidic. Creating an alkaline environment in your body is of utmost importance especially when it comes to cancer and lemons have proven to have amazing effects against the proliferation of colon cancer, lung cancer and pancreas cancer cells.

Start consuming frozen lemons immediately, promote your overall health and protect yourself from these life-threatening diseases.


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