Reasons for Water Retention and Tips on How to Reverse the Process

Water retention is basically deposits of water in tissues, cavities and in the blood flow system also. This condition is also known as edema. It causes swellings in the ankles, legs and feet as well as in the hands. This condition is common in pregnant women, inactive people, people that are on meds or long periods of time and people that do not work out.

This condition is not dangerous or deadly however it could indicate heart failure or kidney issue. If it is nothing serious, try to avoid this problem by being aware of the common edema causes listed below.

Edema causes

1. Dehydration – Without sufficient amounts of water, the body has no choice but to retain excess water in order to survive and thus edema occurs. Make sure to drink large amounts of water as well as natural juices rich in potassium. Refrain from drinking sodas or cofee.

2. Too much sodium – A diet consisting of large amounts of spices and salt combined with insufficient amounts of water is one of the main causes for edema. This also includes meat, processed foods, canned veggies, condiments, pickles etc. Try replacing the table salt with Celtic or Himalayan salt.

3. Too much processed food – Apart from the sodium and sugar, processed foods also contain large number of toxins and additives that strain the kidneys and liver. Artificial sweeteners causes high blood sugar levels and diabetes. So make sure to consume more detoxifying food and less processed foods.

4. Vitamin B6 deficiency – This vitamin is responsible for maintaining the balance of water in the body. It is essential to have sufficient amounts of this vitamin in the body. A study conducted by The Journal of Caring Sciences, indicated that in women with PMS edema, the vitamin B6 helped in improving their condition. This water-soluble vitamin requires other cofactors to act; therefore, you should try to eat more whole foods, such as tuna, chicken, lean beef, pistachios, sunflower seeds, potato with skin, bananas, dry fruit etc.

5. Potassium deficiency – This mineral is essential for all the organs and cells of every living organism. Moreover, it balances the amounts of water in the body. The consumption of salt combined with low amounts of good foods reduces the potassium levels inside our bodies. As a result of this deficit the person experiences weight gain , spasms, cramps and more. This mineral can reverse the damage caused by salt and prevent edema. Make sure to eat more fruits such as watermelons, sweet melons, honey melons etc.

6. Magnesium deficiency – Magnesium is another vital mineral for the human body. The deficiency in this mineral causes water retention. A study indicated that 200 mg Magnesium per day greatly reduces PMS edema and female edema in general. Make sure to eat lots of magnesium rich foods and take supplements if necessary. Magnesium rich foods are: dry fruits, avocados, dark green veggies, peas, whole grains, spinach, yoghurt, nuts, dark chocolate etc.

Herbs that can help treat or prevent edema

Here is a list of diuretic herbs that can help you reduce the damage of edema or prevent it from happening altogether.

  • Garlic
  • Parsley
  • Hibiscus
  • Horsetail
  • Dandelion
  • Nettle
  • Fennel
  • Corn silk

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