The Right Position to Sleep In If You Are Suffering From Any of These Health Problems?

The process of sleeping is essential for the overall health. The average amount that humans spend sleeping during their lifetime is 25 years or 7 to 9 hours every night. Nonetheless, the amount of sleep a person gets is not the only thing that is important. The position in which a person sleeps in matters as well.

The Ideal Sleeping Position If You Are Suffering From Any of These Health Conditions?
You may not have been aware of this fact, but the position you sleep in can affect different health aspects such as sinus infection, headaches, blood pressure, chronic pains and numerous other health problems and conditions. Therefore, you can heal some of these health problems by making sure that not only you get enough sleep but also consider the position in which you sleep in, in other words the quality of your sleep.

Here are the sleeping positions which could cure or ease the pain of some health conditions.

The Women’s Health Magazine has given an answer on how to elevate the pain in the shoulders and how to soothe menstruation connected pains.
①PMS Pain – If you are one of those women that suffer from extremely painful PMS-related symptoms, a particular sleeping position can soothe the pain. The sleeping position for this problem is just placing a pillow under the knees. This way you can prevent the arching of your spine and thus ease the pain.

②Shoulder pain can be soothed by sleeping on the other side, the one that is pain-free, with your legs slightly bent. You can also hug a pillow to your chest and put another between your knees.
According to WebMD here are the sleeping positions for the following problems:

Heartburn – This can be a very dangerous health condition. The best way to treat heartburn is by sleeping on your left side.

High Blood Pressure – So before you try to treat this problem naturally, make sure to first consult your physician about the basics of your particular blood pressure. The Ehime University School of Medicine conducted a study about how the sleeping position affects the blood pressure. It was found that sleeping face-down can greatly lower the blood pressure. WebMD published this report .

Back Pain – This is one of the conditions for which the sleeping position greatly matters. In order to treat back pain, the individual must sleep in the body position that is most beneficial for him/her. Try laying on the back and put a pillow beneath your knees and also place a rolled-up towel, or another kind of cloth similar to a towel, under your waist.
Many other sites and magazines have also written articles about various sleeping positions, and how they can help fight different conditions. Here are some:

Digestion Problems – According to Skin Sheen sleeping on your left side will improve the digestion processes. This sleeping position is very important due to the fact that the digestive organs are located on the left side of the human body. Therefore, sleeping on your left side, allows gravity to aid the digestive processes.
Sinus Trouble – The sleeping position plays an essential role regarding sinus infections. The position you sleep in can either prevent or cause a sinus infection. The Harvard Medical School published an article that recommends sleeping with your head in an elevated position in order to stop the mucus from gathering in your sinus cavity.

Neck Pain – According to PainPhysicians an additional neck support will help you prevent and ease the pain in your neck. This simple method will really make a considerable difference. All you have to do is get a small towel, roll it up and put it under your neck when you go to bed. You can also put it beneath the pillowcase.

Headaches – Just like the problems with sinuses, the sleeping position can either relieve your headache or make it worse. According to the Hub’s Health Expert  some of the daily headaches people experience often usually result from twisting the neck during sleeping. In order to prevent this, when you go to sleep surround your head with pillows. This will prevent the neck from twisting.

All of these mentioned above are just a few of the numerous positions to sleep that could be beneficial for your overall body health. Nevertheless, make sure to consult a physician if you have any concerns or questions.
So, did you chose the position to sleep in? It will certainly help you deal with your specific health condition as well as improve your overall health and quality of sleep.

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