Science Confirms: Intelligent People Go To Bed Late, Leave A Mess Everywhere, And Use Bad Language

It’s a known fact that intelligent people view the world differently that the rest of us, they’re unconventional thinkers and approach situations differently than people with an average IQ. Science now says that intelligent people are different in some other aspects as well and the higher the IQ the less concerned they are about some mundane stuff like going to bed early, being tidy and not using profanities.

They use profanities A LOT

According to a recent study the excess use of swear words and profanities is very much connected to rich vocabulary and fluency. This goes totally against popular belief that swearing is closely linked and dependent on low fluency. Science now confirms that profanities are much more used by people with high vocabulary and fluency, a trait of highly intelligent people no doubt.

They are night owls from an early age

Highly intelligent people don’t go to sleep early, it’s a fact which has now been confirmed by a study conducted on a large subject group of youngsters from the US. The study concluded that the higher the IQ of an individual the later he or she goes to bed.
According to the results of the study, the children with an IQ of 75 and less go to bed around 23:40 while the children that had an IQ of 125 and higher hit the sack about an hour later.

Chaos is their preferred state of being

Intelligent and creative people enjoy being surrounded by chaos and that’s what inspires them and makes them more productive and creative. Messy environment is the best environment for them because it’s a way to break free from the generally accepted norms and devise new approaches and concepts about things other people fail to notice.
There you have it, messy desks, late nights and swearing can mean you’re intelligent but don’t use this as an excuse!

Article and image source: curiousmindmagazine.com


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