The Secret to Back Pain is in Your Feet! The 5 Exercises That Fix Everything!

We all have back pain from time to time, it’s a common issue that affects millions of people around the globe. Back pain can happen as a result of a number of things, like bad posture, too much standing or sitting and it can be severe one day and completely gone the next.

The key to resolving back pain is exercise, but not just any exercise, a carefully designed set of exercises which target this particular problem. In this article we’ll share with you a set of 5 exercises which will help you eliminate back pain, knee and hip pain as well. As long as you perform them regularly, these issues will become a problem of the past.

The following set of exercises will help you improve your body posture, balance and ease your pain and discomfort.

Feet are essential for this issue

You may not think much of your feet but they are the most important body part when it comes to movement and balance. They also play a major role in body posture and can be the trigger of your back pain. This is why you need to pay special attention to them and take good care if you want to have a carefree life.

As we age it’s normal that our feet don’t feel the same way they did before. So, it’s no wonder that every third American reports falling suddenly after reaching the age of 80.

Why are feet so important? Well, when we walk we put pressure on our feet and this controls the balance on our entire body. If our feet ache, this will affect our entire balance and we will have difficulties walking and moving in general.
Regular exercise that targets these specific body parts will strengthen our muscles, enhance blood flow and prevent any age-related problems.

One study showed that women who often wear high heels have an increased risk of struggling with back pain at some point in life so if you’re in this high risk group you should especially pay attention and start exercising regularly.

1. Toe – Pressing

The first thing you need to do before you start any exercise is warm up your toes and prepare them for the training session. Toe pressing will help you stimulate blood flow to your feet and will relax them at the same time. Stand up keep your knees slightly bent and grasp the floor with your toes. Keep this position for 3 seconds, return to starting position and repeat 10 times, twice a day. This will keep your toes flexible and young.

2. Toe – Walking

Ballerina walking may seem ridiculous but will significantly improve your toes mobility, strengthen your ligaments and muscles as well. Stand on your toes, like a ballerina, for 20 seconds, take a small break and repeat, 5 times in a row. Perform this exercise 2 times a day. Don’t worry if your balance isn’t perfect, you’ll improve it as you practice.

3. Ankle – Circles

Practicing this exercise will relieve you of hip, knee and ankle pain in no time. Bad posture is usually the culprit for this pain so this exercise will help you improve your posture.
Lie on your back and bend your legs upwards. Now stretch one leg over your body, rotate your ankle clockwise for about ten seconds and then counterclockwise for ten more seconds. Repeat with the other ankle and perform the routine two times a day.

4. Resistance – Band

You know about the small muscles in your feet? Well those are the main pillars that hold the balance in your body. Performing this exercise will enable you to walk without feeling pain. This exercise requires the use of a resistance band.
Sit down on the floor with your legs stretched in front of you. Wrap on side of your resistance band around a bedpost or something similar and wrap the other side around your feet. Still sitting, slide backwards until you feel tension in the band, flex your foot back and remain in that position for 5 sets. Release and repeat it for another 10 reps.

5. Toe-Pencil-Grasp

The fifth exercise is probably the simplest of all five. Just take a pencil and grab it with your toes and hold it for about 10 seconds. Release and repeat. You can do this exercise anywhere and it’s excellent for improving your toes’ flexibility. Repeat the move 5 times with both feet, twice or three times a week.

Warning: If the back pain, knee pain or hip pain is almost chronic and persistent and your balance issues are somewhat extreme you might need to consult with a specialist before starting these exercises.

Here’s a video that explains in detail how to perform these exercises correctly.


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