See What Happens If You Put a Clothespin on Your Ear for About 20 Seconds. The Results Will Amaze You!

This incredible trick went viral ever since the woman who discovered it showed that it really does help when relieving all kinds of pains of the body. Reflexology is a therapeutic method of relieving pain by application of appropriate pressure and stimulating specific pressure points on the body. This method does wonders when applied on the ear because it contains countless nerve endings. Stimulating certain nerve endings with a peg can help alleviate uncomfortable pain. Through six major points, the ear is directly connected to every part of the body.

Pressing each of these pressure points can help relieve the pain in specific body areas:

1. Sinuses and throat – Using pegs when treating influenza, common cold or sinusitis can show amazing results since the lower part of the ear is connected to the throat.
2. Joints – Stimulating the upper, central part of the ear using a peg helps soothe joint pain. This method helps for joint pain in both wrists and ankles. In case of chronic joint pain, make sure to consult a physician.
3. Shoulders and back pain – Putting the peg in the upper part of the ear and holding it there for about a minute helps soothe tension and pain in the shoulders and back. Repeat this method few times during the day.
4. Internal Organs – Stimulating the pressure point located under the shoulders and back point can affect every internal organ in the body, thus relieving pain without drugs and in an all-natural way.
5. Head and Heart – Surprisingly the ear is also connected to the most important organs in the body, the head and the heart. Stimulating this particular point can help in the treatment of heart-related problems and headaches. Moreover, applying pressure to this point can be an all natural alternative to taking drugs for treating headaches, and it also promotes heart health.
6. Digestion – The digestion connected point is located below the sinus connected point. Putting pressure on this particular point can help relieve cramps, spasms and stomachache. Moreover, this point can be stimulated both as a treatment for indigestion and as a preventative measure.

Helen Chin Lui, a certified reflexologist, stated that each ear has a whole reflex map connected to the body since it is composed of nerve endings and numerous connectors to the central nervous system. Taking these facts into account, it`s no wonder that stimulating these specific pressure points of the ear really helps relieve pain.


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