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If You See This “Weed” Growing In Your Yard, Don’t Pick It! Here’s Why…

We all have purslane in our backyards, it’s the common weed that grows everywhere around and we usually pick it believing it’s just a simple weed. But we’ve all been mistaken since purslane is an amazing plant that has a number of health benefits.

Its health benefits are unknown to many and the majority of people believe it to be just a useless weed. Next time you reach out to remove it from your backyard have in mind this article and remember that it’s an amazing plant.

Why is this common weed so beneficial?

Well, purslane leaves abound in vitamins and minerals which support your overall health. They’re also rich in calcium and iron which strengthen your bones as well.

Purslane seeds on the other hand are so strong that the plant can survive more than 25 years. It also strengthens your immune system. This amazingly underestimated plant contains more vitamin A than any other leafy vegetable and an abundance of omega 3 fatty acids, the first nutrient has cancer preventing properties while the latter protects you from cardiovascular diseases. The plant is also rich in proteins and will give you energy to last you all day long. Plus, it’s GMO free!

Having all these benefits in mind we advise you that you start using this plant on a regular basis. It has a nice lemony flavor and a crunchy feel so you can easily substitute spinach with purslane and include it in your salads and meals. You can even add it to your sandwiches instead of lettuce.

Source: myhomemedicine.com

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