You Shouldn’t Ignore These 25 Etiquette-Rules That Still Apply

Etiquette rules is a wide term that includes refined behavior in every situation, being courteous and minding your speech, your appearance, gestures and controlling your emotions. Good manners are a reflection of proper upbringing, but it seems that nowadays people often forget all about them and believe etiquette rules are old-fashioned and don’t apply in our modern time.

Well if you want people to think you’ve got good manners here are25 etiquette rules that still apply even in this day and age which you should follow:

  1. When arranging a date if someone says “I invite to you to dinner (or lunch, or drinks)” the person who’s inviting you should pay the bill. But if they say “Do you want to grab drinks or lunch” it means that they’ll share the bill.
  2. Showing up unannounced at someone’s door is rude, you should always call before you decide to visit someone and ask if it’s a convenient time to come by.
  3. If you’re out with friends, colleagues or anyone for that matter, never take your phone out on the table. It’s rude and impolite towards the people sitting with you at the table. It means you’re bored or dependent on the device.
  4. If you’re on a date never text other people during your date, it’s rude and will make the other person think you’re completely uninterested in them.
  5. A man should always take a woman’s coat and help her get it on.
  6. When walking with someone who greets someone you don’t know, it’s polite to greet them too.

Bottom of Form

  1. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not rude for men to use their hands when eating sushi instead of the chopsticks.
  2. Always have clean shoes.
  3. Meeting with someone in person should always be the preferred option to calling them on the phone.
  4. Don’t let rude people drag you down and force you behave like them. Instead of arguing with them simply smile and walk away.
  5. When you’re walking, if you’re a man you should always be on the woman’s left side.
  6. Drivers should be especially attentive when it rains because splashing pedestrians on the street is extremely rude and inappropriate.
  7. Nine topics of discussion are off the table in any company, love affairs, religion, family disputes, age, medical problems, gifts, honor, wealth and disgrace.
  8. If you’re walking in concert hall, a theatre or the cinema when you go sit down always pass those who’re already sitting with your face towards them instead of your back. Men should be the first to pass.
  9. If a men wants to touch a woman they need to ask for their permission first. It’s unacceptable for a man to touch a woman or hold her hand while walking. It can be appropriate only if the man is helping the woman.
  10. If someone calls you over rudely like “Hey you there”, never answer. Be an example of politeness and good manners.
  11. Perfumes should always be used in moderation, for as much as you like your perfume choice someone else might get tired of smelling it all day long.
  12. A polite men will always be respectful to a woman.
  13. Men should ask a woman for permission if they want to light up a cigarette.
  14. The first rule of good behavior is to always greet everyone upon entering a room.
  15. You should be respectful to other people’s privacy, be it your partner, your children or your parents. Never go through their stuff, pockets or read each other’s mail.
  16. Fashion can sometimes be awkward, so don’t try to follow the latest trends. Just try to wear nice clothes.
  17. If you’ve apologized and been forgiven for your misdeeds, don’t bring up the topic again.
  18. Talking and laughing too loudly is impolite, as is staring at other people.
  19. Appreciate those who help you, they do it because they want to not because they must.

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