A Simple Shampoo That Will Give Your Hair Shine And Volume, And Will Make It Grow Like Crazy!

A person’s hair is considered a symbol of beauty, both for man and women. However, using heat while drying, straitening or curling greatly damages the hair as well as artificial dyes, which are becoming more and more popular lately. So dry and damaged hair is very common these days. Due to all of these reasons, hair loss has become an everyday problem. Additionally even body changes and stress can sometimes cause hair fall.

Are you tired of dealing with hair loss or having weak and damaged hair? Here in this article we have provided you with a shampoo which will solve all your problems. Moreover, it’s a homemade, all natural shampoo and it doesn’t have any negative effects.
The shampoo is very easy to prepare, and will give 100% amazing results. After few washings your hair will become a lot stronger and the hair loss will decrease and also new hairs will start growing after just 30 days. Soon you will have more shine and volume and your hair will become softer than it has ever been.

Needed Ingredients:

– 750ml Plain Nettle Shampoo
– 30 ml Nettle Drops
– 30ml AD drops (aqueous solution)
– 100ml Panthenol (aqueous solution)
– 50ml Castor Oil
– 2 ampoules Vitamin B


– First add the 100ml panthenol into the nettle shampoo.  After that add the remaining ingredients into the mixture.

The Amazing Health Benefits of the Ingredients of this Shampoo

– This shampoo is described as a “vitamin bomb” and it is beneficial for both the scalp and the hair. These benefits are due to the amazing healing properties of its ingredients:
– Vitamin B – This vitamin nurtures your scalp and helps strengthen your hair.
– Panthenol – Due to the pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), which can be found in panthenol, It helps stimulate regenerative processes, and the proper functioning of the scalp.
– Castor Oil – This essential oil is rich in the antioxidants vitamin E and ricinoleic acid, which helps prevent the damaging effects of the free radicals on both the scalp and head root. Due to its regenerative properties, castor essential oil also has antibacterial and antifungal benefits, which are very helpful in curing and preventing the appearance of dandruff. Furthermore, this essential oil also sooths all kinds of inflammations on your scalp and it removes dead cells from the skin.
– Nettle – Nettle helps accelerate the blood circulation in the scalp. Moreover, it boosts metabolism procures within the internal epidermis. When nettle and all the other ingredients are mixed together, it improves their absorption.

An Experience with the DIY Shampoo:

I made this DIY shampoo 3 months ago, and haven’t stopped using it ever since. All the needed ingredients can be found easily. The nettle shampoo you can buy in the nearest convenience store, and the rest of the items can be both in a pharmacy.
If your hair is dry, just apply mask or regenerator after washing off the shampoo. I didn’t need this. In any case you can decide what’s best for your particular hair problem. Furthermore, for dry hair use half of the recommended dose of nettle drops for this shampoo, because nettle can to further dry your hair.
Are you suffering from hair loss? Start drinking nettle tea. This tea helps control your hormonal balance. Keep in mind that if you have an iron deficiency in your body, this could potentially cause hair loss.
Before using this shampoo, make sure to shake it well in order to mix the ingredients even better. Pour some in your palm and then put it into your hair. Massage the scalp for a few minutes and then leave the shampoo to act for several more minutes. Then wash it off with warm water.
The results are amazing and the shampoo is greatly beneficial. I no longer have to deal with hair loss. My hair has been rejuvenated and it has become soft and shiny. Additionally, my hair started growing faster, and has become thicker than before.

Article and image source:  www.homehealthyrecipes.com

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