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This Simple Wall Workout Will Sculpt Your Body in No Time

If you’re one of the many who want to have a sculpted body and eliminate the excess fat around the waist and thighs but simply lack the time to regularly go to the gym we’re here to tell you tone and sculpt your body in the comfort of your home. How? With the help of our simple but effective wall workout routine.

This workout routine is consisted of 5 simple exercises which you need to perform at least 3 times per week and the results will come in a short period of time. All you need is a wall to lean against and strong will and dedication. Before you start performing these exercises you should warm up and afterwards you need to stretch.

The Wall Workouts:

Each exercise should be performed for 60 seconds.

Legs up the wall

Get down on the floor, lie down with your back and place your feet against the wall with your knees bent. Push your legs up along the wall, return to previous position and repeat.

Sit and sculpt

Lean with your back against the wall and bend your legs at the knees. Start sliding up and down against the wall.


Position your body as if you’re going to do planks but place your feet against the wall as shown in the picture. Bring one leg to the chest and place it back on the wall. Repeat with the other leg, place it back on the wall and repeat consecutively with both legs.

Arm-flab fighters

Position your body in an upright push-up pose like in the picture and perform pushups for 60 seconds.

Booty bridges

Get down on the floor and place one leg straight up and the other against the wall with the knee bent. Lift your butt up from the floor and return to starting position. Perform with the other leg and repeat.

Article and image source : http://mindwaft.com/simple-wall-workout-will-sculpt-body-no-time/


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