These Are The Health Benefits of Rambutan You Probably Did Not Know Before

Have you ever seen a rambutan fruit? It’s a hairy fruit on the outside with a juicy, white or rosy flesh on the inside. The fruit is indigenous to Malaysia but it can be found almost in every corner across Southeast Asia. The fruit has long been considered to be one of the most toxic fruits in the world but it’s just the peel that contains toxic compounds, its juicy flesh is perfectly safe for consumption and it’s actually quite health beneficial.

The fruit was named rambutan due to its hairy outside shell, since the Indonesian term for hair is “rambut”. It belongs to the tropical group of trees that bears fruits similarly to lychee.

Rambutan has grown to be quite popular recently and many nutritionists have dubbed it a super-fruit thanks to the many health benefits it possesses.

Below you will find some of the most important health benefits of this tropical fruit.

Abundant in iron

Rambutan is rich in iron, an essential element for every bodily function in the human body. Our body needs the iron to transport the oxygen from our lungs to every other organ.

Reduces the body fat content

These tropical fruits are famous for its ability to decrease the fat in the human body which is owed to the rich fiber content of the fruit and low calorie count. It’s also mainly composed of water which reduces your food cravings.

Boosts energy levels

Rambutan is an excellent source of protein and carbs which give your body an instant energy boost. Since it’s mostly composed of water consuming rambutans will satisfy your thirst and replenish the used energy in your body.

Strengthen the bones

Rambutan will strengthen your bones and make them more resistive to damage. Why? Well because the fruit is abundant in calcium, iron and phosphorus – all the ingredients for a healthy set of bones.

Improve your skin quality

Consuming rambutans regularly will improve the quality of your skin, making it soft and supple and hydrating it from within. If you want glowing and fresh skin you should start consuming this tropical fruit often.

Eliminate the waste from your kidneys

This property of rambutan is mostly due to its phosphorus content. The high phosphorus levels are also essential for proper development and regeneration of every cell and tissue in every organ of the human body.

Improve your hair quality

If you want a natural product that will improve your hair’s quality rambutan is the perfect fruit for you. You can make a paste from the fruit’s leaves and nourish your hair. Many who’ve tried this remedy speak volumes of its efficiency and say that it’s the best treatment for damaged, dull hair.

Cancer protection

As we already mentioned before the rambutan fruit is abundant in antioxidants which prevent free radicals damage and help your body protect itself from cancer. There have even been studies on the subject which showed that rambutan can be an effective natural remedy for cancer.


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