This Man Slowed Down The Effects of His Alzheimer’s Disease By Eating This Incredible Ingredient Twice A Day!

One of the worst life-changing brain diseases in the world is the Alzheimer’s disease. How can this disease be prevented and how can a person’s memory be restored again? This Is the story of Doctor Mary T. Newport who dealt with her husband’s Alzheimer’s.Dr. Mary T. Newport claims that when digesting coconut oil, the body produces ketone bodies, that can act as an alternative brain food. She also stated that this essential oil can offer numerous beneficial properties in the treatment and prevention of Alzheimer’s disease. She has personal experience with the disease. Her husband, whose name is Steve, in his mid 50s was diagnosed with progressive dementia for more than 5 years. Then, a while later, he took a MRI scan and he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. This is Dr. Newport story!

She stated that her husband was defocused and confused most of the time and couldn’t even do daily tasks. He was unable to take food from the fridge or handle cutlery like forks and spoons. He would forget a lot of things like sending messages to friends and his family which he would only remember several days later… She noticed that his capacity for short-term memory was gone, but all the gathered information was still stored somewhere in his brain. Due to this observation, she started suspecting that this may very well be a diet-related condition.

Steve was prescribed therapy medication for treating the disease, however the medicine did not work and instead he became depressed, overweight, forgot many things such as how to cook and how to use simple electronic devices like calculators. He was unable to perform even the simplest everyday operations. He started having tremors and his motor functions got very restricted as well.Dr. Newport focused on exploring several studies regarding the possible use of ketone bodies or medium chain triglycerides in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and its prevention. She researched in detail and discovered that in addition to the benefits these medium-chain triglycerides offer in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, they are also quite effective when treating Parkinson’s disease, drug-resistant epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, Huntington’s disease, diabetes etc. She explained that the Ketone bodies can help support and aid the brain in its recovery after a loss of oxygen, that they may aid the heart and help it recover following an acute heart attack, and they may also help reduce cancerous tumors. The children suffering from epilepsy that is drug-resistant frequently respond to a very low carbohydrate ketogenic diet.
When the body has a glucose deficiency, the cells can use the ketone bodies as an alternative food and source of energy. These ketone bodies normally do not circulate in the body, unless it has been starving for several days or if the individual is on a low-carb eating regime. She added that in Alzheimer’s disease, due to the insulin resistance, the neurons in specific spheres of the brain are uncapable to take in glucose, and thus they slowly die. However, if these cells could have had an access to some ketone bodies, they may not have died and could have potentially stayed alive and continued to function.”

As a result of these discoveries, she decided to give her husband 2 spoons of coconut oil twice a day, every day. After 60 days her husband became a much happier person and much more alert to his surroundings. The tremors he had developed before subsided. He became chatty and even started making jokes. To ensure the constant presence of ketone bodies Dr. Mary T. Newport gave her husband two spoons of coconut essential oil two times a day. After only one year of consuming coconut oil, her husband became a completely different person. He still had some difficulties in remembering some words but he became much more positive, he became an active participant in conversations, he started recognizing his relatives and friends and he showed more facial expressions. He started going outside and walked freely on the streets.
Dr. Newport stated that for the moment they are exetremely pleased with his improved condition and if the coconut oil stop or even delay or slow down the progress of his terrible disease, every drop will be worth it.
This theory of Dr. Mary Newport, if one day proved to be accurate, could quite possibly be one of the biggest natural health discoveries of all time.

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