1. Missing out on your chance to travel
As you get older and your family expands, your mobility is not what it used to be. It’s not just more difficult to travel with the extra “baggage” but it’s more expensive as well. So use every opportunity to see the world while you can.

2. Missing out on those foreign language classes
After some time, you’ll realize that you should have stayed at school instead of skipping foreign language classes. Especially when you can’t remember how to ask for directions in a language you learnt for 3 years.

3. Not ending a lousy relationship sooner
After it ends you’ll ask yourself what took you so long but you won’t be able to take those precious years back.

4. Not using sunscreen.
When you’re in your twenties nothing bothers you but after a while when the wrinkles and moles start appearing you’ll wish you’d used sunscreen more.

5. Missing out on your favorite band
You never know if it’s going to be their last show so when you get the chance don’t miss on your favorite band.

6. Being too afraid to do stuff.
After a while you’ll be asking yourself what was so scary?

7. Forgetting all about physical fitness
When we’re younger we’re lazy and spend most of our days on the couch in front of the TV. Our youth is when we’re in our physical peak so we should take advantage of it.

8. Letting gender roles define your actions
Nothing is as sad as hearing someone elderly saying well it’s just not something we did back then.

9. Staying at a horrible job.
Bills need to be paid so you just need to man up and persevere. But not doing anything to improve your state of affairs you’ll end up living your worst nightmare for years in a row.

10. Slouching in school.
School is not everything and good grades don’t define the rest of your life but after a while you’ll wish you’ve paid more attention at school.

11. Failing to see how beautiful you were.
We spend our youth complaining about those extra pounds or that freckle or two but it’s the time of our lives when we should be most happy with our appearance, we’re young and carefree!

12. Not saying “I love you” to that person
We all get in that age when we just regret not expressing our love even if it wasn’t returned. We regret we didn’t make our feelings known.

13. Ignoring your parents’ advice.
When we’re young we believe we know best but the truth is that everything our parents told us was true, we were just too young and foolish to understand.

14. Being too much self-absorbed.
This will be embarrassing after a while, you’ll see.

15. Spending too much time thinking about what will people say
Because in a decade or two you won’t even remember these people existed.

16. Caring more about others’ dreams then about your own.
It’s always noble to support others but not if it means you’ll miss on your chance to shine!

17. Clinging on failure for too long
Spending days in a row locked up in your room after a break up will be just time wasted once you’re older, so pick yourself up and don’t look back.

18. Holding grudges especially against your loved ones.
This is never a good thing so don’t do it!

19. Not sticking up for yourself.
You should always stand up for yourself and what you believe in!

20. Not doing enough charity
This is something many older people regret at one point of their lives because knowing that you’ve done something noble and charitable for at least one person fills your heart with joy.

21. Not caring properly for your teeth.
Always remember to keep good dental hygiene, it’s something you’ll regret not doing once you have dentures.

22. Not talking enough to your grandparents before they pass away.
It’s way too common for young people to realize the awesome grandparents they had too late, so avoid feeling sad about not talking enough to do them and ask them everything about themselves, they have amazing stories to share.

23. Overworking yourself.
Nobody regrets not spending enough time at the office but very high percentage of us will regret spending too much time at work when they could have spent this valuable time with their loved ones.

24. Never learning to cook your favorite meal.
This is something you’ll regret for sure!

25. Not taking the time to savor every moment
In our youth, we’re always on the go, speeding from one thing to the next. Stopping every once in a while, and just savoring the moment should be something you do more often.

26. Not finishing what you start.
When you’re older you’ll look back to your dreams and regret not finishing the thing you started!

27. Not learning how to do that one amazing party trick.
Parties are something we all go to but wouldn’t you want to be the one who makes them amazingly interesting?

28. Letting cultural expectations define you
No culture should be able to tell you what to do, remember that!

29. Not letting friendships run their course.
It’s nothing strange for people to grow apart, we grow up, we change and we go our own ways. Never let yourself cling to something that was if it’s not there anymore!

30. Not spending enough fun time with your kids.
When you get older you’ll come to understand the preciousness of the time spent with your kids just goofing around and you’ll wish you’d spent more time like that with them. They’ll grow up so fast so take advantage of every moment while they’re still little.

31. Not taking that big leap of faith (especially in love).
Just remembering that time when you risked it all, even if you were disappointed, will fill your heart with warmth and joy. It will make you feel young again.

32. Failing to network and develop contacts
This may not seem like a big deal now but after a while you’ll realize how important it is, especially when it comes to getting that job.

33. Spending too much time worrying about things
Because let’s be real so much of the thing we worry about never even happen anyway.

34. Having too much drama in your life.
A little drama is good but too much? Never!

35. Spending too little time with your loved ones.
Every moment is precious because you never know when it’s going to be the last.

36. Not performing on stage.
It’s not something everyone regrets but many elderly people just wish they’d do it at least once in their lives.

37. Failing to see the beauty of every moment
Cherish every moment you spend on this Earth, from the most boring ones to the most amazing ones, they won’t last forever!


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