Warning Signs of A Stroke You Must Know

We’re all aware about the risk factors when it comes to stroke and we know the most common signs and symptoms that indicate someone might be having a stroke. However, researchers have now found a new indicator that warns you beforehand, leaving you with just enough time to react and probably save a person’s life. How? Well, let’s see the story about Jane and her experience will shed some light on the matter.

Jane was at a family gathering, having fun, enjoying her time when she suddenly fell on the ground. Nothing happened and she was feeling OK and thought that her new shoes had made her stumble and fall. She stayed at the even until the evening and nothing was wrong. She left home and later that night her husband called her family to tell them that he had taken Jane to the hospital because she had suffered a stroke. Unfortunately, Jane eventually died and doctors said that the stroke happened earlier that day, but everyone was finding it hard to believe because she was just fine the whole day. How can it be that no one recognized the warning signs? Could she have been saved if only they’d reacted in time?

According to a renowned neurologist if the symptoms of a stroke are recognized in time, they can be reversed within 3 hours is the paramedics react quickly.

But how do you diagnose a stroke, how do you know?

There’s a very simple method, called the STR. According to this method you can tell if someone had suffered a stroke by asking him or her 3 questions.

S – Tell them to SMILE

T –TALK to them and ask them about SIMPLE THINGS

R – Tell them to RAISE BOTH HANDS

If the person can do these then everything is OK, but if not you need to call the ambulance and explain the situation.

If the victims unable to do any of these things, call 911, and describe the case.

Stick out the tongue

Another very simple technique is to ask the person to stick their tongue out. If they can’t or you see the tongue shifting one way or the other inside their mouth the person has probably suffered a stroke and you need to react promptly.

Don’t forget to share this vital information, you might actually save someone’s life.


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