Welcome to Weedville: Pot Grower Buys Entire US Town to Create ‘Cannabis-Friendly’ Off-Grid City

A bold move from the cannabis grower and manufacturer American Green Inc – they plan on making a cannabis-friendly and energy independent, off-the grid town. A real paradise for cannabis lover, do you agree?

The plan is already in motion as the company bought a whole town in California with the intention of attracting new customers. They bought the small dessert town of Nipton for as little as 5 million USD and have the intention to invest 2,5 millions into making the first pot-friendly town in the States. The town is composed of small buildings, one school, one hotel, a general store and mineral baths, stretched across 120 acres.

Bloomberg reports that the company American Green, which has its headquarters in Tempe, Arizona plans on taking advantage of the building the town already has and build more. They want to bring new life into this small, desert town and power it on renewable energy sources.

The project manager Stephen Shearin says that they want to show people that it’s entirely possible to make a pot-friendly and energy independent town and hope to be successful in their intention.
It seems that marijuana is no longer hiding in the shadows and more states are starting to accept the medicinal benefits of this plant. The taboo plant has become legal for medical and recreational use in Nevada, California and 6 more states so now every American living in these states can freely enjoy this product.

The cannabis industry and pot growers alike have long been waiting to have the opportunity to help the environment and create sustainable products, but creating a whole pot-friendly town, running on sustainable energy is a bold and revolutionary step forward.

If there are wine tours why can’t there be weed-tours? Marijuana-related tourism can be the next big thing and we should consider the possibility of working on this subject a bit more.

Moreover, marijuana isn’t just for recreation, the town’s 120 acres of land can be used for hemp and create sustainable products like hemp plastic and hempcrete. Instead of making petroleum plastic which has devastating effects on the environment, we can use this as an alternative. The mere idea of having a self-sustainable town that focusses on making eco-friendly products and protect and preserve the environment is something we all look forward to.

Currently the Nipton population is 20 people. It’s a small desert town that was created during the gold rush on the border of California and Nevada. It may have been built during the gold rush but it seems that the green rush is what’s going to keep it in life.

But we need to be cautious and take into consideration the risks that go along. There’s real danger of drug lords moving in on this off-grid, peaceful and sustainable little town and destroy everything it stands for. The founders need to think about this as well and consider the option.
We’re looking forward to hearing more about this revolutionary project and we hope it will come to life soon!


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