Here’s what you are according to your birthday:


01 – 09 January = Dog

10 – 24 January = Mouse

25 – 31 January = Lion

01 – 05 January = Cat

06 – 14 February = Dove

15 – 21 February =Turtle

22 – 28 February = Panther

01 – 12 March = Monkey

13 – 15 March = Lion

16 – 23 March = Mouse

24 – 31 March = Cat

01 – 03 April = Dog

04 – 14 April = Panther

15 – 26 April = Mouse

27 – 30 April =Turtle

01 – 13 May = Monkey

14 – 21 May = Dove

22 – 31 May = Lion


01 – 03 June = Mouse

04 – 14 June = Turtle

15 – 20 June = Dog

21 – 24 June = Monkey

25 – 30 June = Cat

01 – 09 July = Mouse

10 – 15 July = Dog

16 – 26 July = Dove

27 – 31 July = Cat

01 – 15 August = Monkey

16 – 25 August = Mouse

26 – 31 August = Turtle

01 – 14 September = Dove

15 – 27 September = Cat

28 – 30 September = Dog

01 – 15 October = Monkey

16 – 27 October = Turtle

28 – 31 October = Panther

01 – 16 November = Lion

17 – 30 November = Cat

01 – 16 December = Dog

17 – 25 December = Monkey

26 – 31 December = Dove



Dogs are sweet and loyal people by nature and you should never doubt a dog’s loyalty. They’re sincere and honest especially when it comes to working. They’re super down to earth, humble and simple. This is probably why everyone loves them. They love to dress nice and have an excellent taste in fashion. They follow the latest trends and never let anything fashionable past them by. They’re easy-going and very popular among their friends. They don’t have many friends but the ones they choose to spend their time with should be considered lucky to have such a loyal friend by their side.



The mouse is a true devil of mischief and that’s what makes them so attractive and cute to everyone around them. They’re super fun and always find their way in the center-attention. That’s why everyone enjoys their company and seeks their company, they’re true crowd-pleasers. But they can be a bit more sensitive which is a down side of their personality. They can get upset easily which is why you should choose your words wisely around a Mouse.



Lions may be aggressive in nature but the people born as Lions certainly aren’t. They’re real peace-lovers and always try to avoid fights and quarrels. They’re real outdoorsmen and are annoyed if they have to sit in one place for too long. They’re popular and out-going and are born leaders. People love the lion’s character and how he treats them and lions love to be loved.



Cats are adorable and super loveable persons. They’re quick-witted and often enjoy spending time on their own. They like to explore things to their core and it’s what fulfils them. They’re usually cool but if provoked they can erupt like a volcano. They’re super into fashion and everyone around them looks up to them when it comes to style and trends. They don’t mind to mingle but aren’t so open to talking to strangers and making new friends. They choose their friends wisely and always try to keep that close circle of friends to a minimum.



Turtles are perfectionists and they’re the closest thing to saints there is. They’re kind at heart and love peace and well-being. They don’t confront people even when the other person is so obviously wrong and people love them for this. They hate talking behind someone’s back and always treat everyone with utmost respect. They will give their love open-heartedly to anyone and won’t expect anything in return. They’re extremely generous and everyone loves the way Turtles treat them. They always see the practical side of things and that may be their best character trait.



Doves are unique in their approach in life and always see on the bright side of life. Even in the grimmest situation they always see the silver lining and don’t let anything affect them negatively. Moreover, it’s like their cheer is contagious and they spread it to everyone around them. They’re usually the group leaders and are extremely well at consoling other people in need. They hate hypocrisy and distance themselves from this kind of people. They’re organized and methodical when it comes to work and love everything to be in order around them. But they’re easy on falling in love, so be careful if you’re a Dove.



Panthers are mysterious and enigmatic. They perform well under pressure and don’t let anything disrupt their flow. They love to gossip and can even be mean in some instances. They love it when everything is the way they have planned or envisioned it but this is not always possible, which is why they can lose their cool in certain situations.



Monkeys are hyper and impatient and want everything to be done as soon as possible, they never have the time to wait. They’re simple at heart and love it when they’re in the center spot. They want to be protected and hate it when someone drags their name in the mud, they can go berserk in such situations. They hate controversy and hate being associated with such situations. They have a sixth sense that warns them whenever something bad is in the makings and it’s what saves them in many situations. They can be money driven often, but not to extremes.

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