Women With Big Butts Give Birth To Smarter Children, Scientists Find

If losing weight is a problem that’s been bugging you for a while, scientists would recommend not to hurry up on achieving that task, as it seems that those fat deposits, especially around the woman’s behind, have a special purpose – help your baby’s brain to develop properly.

Pittsburg University’s public health epidemiologist, Professor Will Lassek reveals an astonishing fact about the fat deposits around your butt, hips and thighs, they are a depot for building your baby’s brain. The baby’s nervous system and its development largely depends on the DNA rich fats stored in women’s curvy behind, hips and thighs, according to the Professor, and women lose this fat while they breastfeed.

The professor further goes to say that breastfeeding mothers lose up to a pound of fat a month during the breastfeeding period. This fat is of essential importance for the development of the baby’s brain and entire nervous system, which he points out, leads us to believe there’s an evolutionary link between the addition of fat layers in women and the enlargement of our brains.

Throughout history our human brain has evolved and grown 3 times in size from the initial size in the original humans. In order to be able to keep up with this increase in brain matter women have also evolved to store more fat deposits. And it’s not just women who’ve evolved to keep up with the evolutionary changes. As the reproductive biologist at Cambridge, David Bainbridge, points out, men are also becoming more attracted to curvy women and this evolutionary change may be the reason why. Maybe men are unaware of the fact but this newly-found attraction is surely connected with the creation of highly intelligent babies. He further supports Professor Lassek’s claim that the much required brain building lipids come from the fat accumulated in the women’s buttocks and thighs.

The conclusion is non other than this – curvy women with larger behinds are most likely to have children with a higher IQ, compared to regular sized women.

SO there you have it, if you’re on the curvier side don’t bother yourself with dieting and losing weight, men are more attracted to you and your offspring will be smarter.


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