World Renowned Heart Surgeon Speaks Out On What Really Causes Heart Disease

It seems that our approach to cardiovascular diseases and how to treat them the best way has been entirely wrong, or that’s what a renowned, internationally known heart surgeon who has 25 years of experience and has performed 5000 open heart surgeries, claims. He decided to come forward and admit that he and all of his colleagues in the health department have been making an enormous mistake.

We’ve always believed that heart disease was mostly caused by elevated cholesterol levels and the appropriate treatment and prevention included a low-fat diet and cholesterol lowering drugs. But now the famous doctor says that this was wrong and completely ineffective.

The latest discovery regarding cardiovascular disorders is that they’re mostly caused by an inflammation of the arterial walls and hence our treatment should be adapted accordingly. Furthermore, it’s always been odd that more than 25% of the American people are following restrictive diets and are taking statins and still more and more of them are dying as a result of heart failure.

The American Heart Association reports that 75 million US citizens are currently suffering from heart disease, 57 million people have pre-diabetes and 20 million struggle with diabetes.


Cholesterol accumulates on the blood vessels’ walls as a result of the inflammation, which consequently leads to heart disease and stroke. If we treat the inflammation, the cholesterol will be able to move freely around our body and won’t accumulate in our arteries. Why does this inflammation appear in the first place? Well, it’s our body’s defense mechanism to foreign threats like bacteria, viruses and toxins and it’s what protects us from their negative effects. However, if we’re chronically exposed to these and similar threats, the inflammation will become chronic and will have a negative effect on our overall health.

The food we eat, per doctors’ orders, is low in fat but abundant in carbs and polyunsaturated fats and causes damage to our blood vessels, leading to chronic inflammation. Health experts have always advised that people with cardiovascular problems should eat low-fat diets but now it seems that these diets are what causes inflammation and injury to the blood vessels.

The main cause of chronic inflammation is usually excess intake of simple carbs and omega 6 vegetable oils like soybean, sunflower and corn oil. The prolonged everyday intake of these foods, a few times a day, inevitably leads to chronic inflammation, increases the blood sugar levels and stimulates the pancreas to secret insulin.

The main role of insulin is to force sugar into our cells where it’s stored to be used for energy, but if our cells are full the glucose starts accumulating in the body, increasing our blood sugar levels and gets stored as fat. The excess sugar molecules attach to different proteins which then cause damage to our arterial walls and cause inflammation.

Processed foods are loaded with omega 6s and sugar to prolong their shelf life. The omega 6 oils are important for our body but only if they’re in balance with the omega 3s, otherwise they wreak havoc on our organism.

And are they balanced? Well, in the modern diets most of us eat the imbalance between these two types of fats is huge, 30:1 in favor of omega 6s, which inevitably leads to inflammation. Furthermore, this type of food leads to a huge number of overweight and obese people, which only adds to the stress of our body.

Our bodies weren’t designed to digest such processed foods and it’s no wonder they have such a negative effect on our health.

As the heart surgeon recommends, the best way to protect yourself from inflammation and heart diseases is to eat more natural foods, animal proteins and complex carbs, which can be found in fruits and veggies. Replace the soybean and sunflower oil rich in omega 6 with olive oil or butter.

Animal fats are composed of just 20% omega 6s, if not less, so they’re not going to cause inflammation, which is why your diet can be rich in them. We’ve come to realize that the belief that saturated fats cause heart diseases is false now that we know arterial inflammation is the main cause.

We need to start eating like our grandparents and forget all about the processed food of today. We should consume more whole foods, animal fats, raw veggies and fruits and enjoy the benefits this diet has.


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