You Are Very Wrong If You Believe That 120/80 Is A Normal Blood Pressure

We’ve all been led to believe that 120/80 is the ideal, normal value for blood pressure.

However, it seems that we’ve all been wrong and according to the latest guidelines from the ESC Association these numbers have been changed.

The new guidelines suggest that 140/90 is the normal blood pressure value.

These values are for normal, healthy people, while for diabetics and senior people the normal blood pressure is slightly lower.

This changes a lot of things for many people because we all believe that when we measure our pressure and it shows an elevation of 140/90 we should consult with our doctor and start some treatment. Now it seems that this will not be necessary, because these are the normal values for blood pressure and we shouldn’t be worried about an increased risk of stroke or heart attack. So next time your blood pressure is slightly elevated do not worry as these are the normal values.

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