You Can Use Castor Oil To Dissolve Cataracts And Improve Your Vision!

Cataract is a condition in which a kind of clouding develops in the normally clear lenses of the eyes. The vision of individuals with cataracts is somewhat as if looking through a foggy window.  As a consequence, these individuals have difficulties reading or driving a car at night.
Most of the cataract conditions develop gradually and slowly, and it does not impair the vision at the beginning. Nevertheless, as time passes by it might impair the individual’s vision. In general, stronger light and eyeglasses help deal with this condition, however a cataract surgery is necessary if the impaired vision hinders your everyday activities.
Symptoms and signs of cataracts: difficulty seeing at night; sensitivity to light; double vision in one eye; seeing halos around lights; need for brighter lightening when reading; yellowing or fading of colors; clouded, blurred or dim vision; and frequent prescription changes for eyeglasses or contact lenses.
Concerning the causes, it has commonly been assumed that most variables of cataract occur due to an injury or with aging. The risk of developing cataract is also connected to genetic disorders as well as various health problems. Eye-related problems and conditions, past eye surgeries as well as conditions such as diabetes are a common cause of cataracts. Moreover, this issue may also arise due to the use of steroid drugs for long periods of tome (long-term use).
It is a scientific fact that individuals with low levels of antioxidants in their bodies suffer a higher risk of developing cataracts. Thus, keeping a high level of the antioxidant glutathione in the body, helps postpone the formation of cataracts and reduce the need for surgery.  Not just glutathione, but various other foods rich with antioxidants are also good remedies which will help you in the battle against cataracts and other similar eye conditions and problems.

Can Cataracts Be Cured Without Surgery?

Although we are constantly being told that surgery is the only way to treat cataracts, and it really is the best option for advanced cases, still there are natural methods to cure cataracts in its early stages.
Since most eye problems are caused by the processes of glycation, ingesting or directly applying antioxidants heals the eye from the inside out. Healers have known this for a very long time. Castor oil is loaded with antioxidants and it has an amazing beneficial effect on the eyes. Therefore, you can use this one simple and relatively cheap ingredient to cure cataracts. It can also be used in the treatment of other various eye problems as well, including dry eyes, conjunctivitis, near-sightedness and far-sightedness as well as age-related macular degeneration.

How You Can Use Castor Essential Oil As An Eyedrop

– You can use an eyedropper to apply one drop of pure castor essential oil into each eye. Do this at night, before bedtime, because it will cause your eyesight to be little blurred. Moreover, closing the eyes during the night will allow the essential oil to act while you sleep. In the morning, crusts may have formed at the edge of your eyes. This is the process of dissolving the calcification for its elimination so do not worry and just rinse it off.
Many who have tried this method claim that their eyesight has surprisingly improved the following morning, and it keeps getting better and better. Be that as it may, if you use castor oil couple of days in a row and you do not notice any improvement in your eyesight you should stop using it. Even though it won’t do any harm to your eyes, it is probably not appropriate for your specific problem.


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